My life as a drama

As the time passed by and i looked behind me, i feel my life such as a drama.. Is it because i look a lot of soap opera?? I dont think so/..

First, i have a perfect boyfriend.. good looking, wealthy, very nice feature, smart, helpfull.. no one cannot deny it.. Most of my friends were so jealous about it..

Until one day, the positive side of him become a disaster… His friendliness things change the day into a traumatic day.. One day when we had to travel separately using a different train, and he was sitting beside a girl.. they changed phone numbers

Days after, that girl was trying to be close with him, and found out his home, gave him lunch, dinner, ask him out and so on. Until one day, she asked him to spend Christmas with him, and he said he has to go to his fam.. and unfortunately with her cleverness.. she also met his family before i did..

and the ruin begun,.. she turned the story up side down and told his family that he is her bf..and found out that her family was his family long friends…they arranged the engagement, a combine family business….. Don’t know whose to blame, but that experience made me suffer for the whole 3 years relationship with him after

Since i’m not the kind of person that can easily to change partners.. ….until now.. i still in love with him. ….. …

the last word he said to me, that painted hard in my heart was.. Please wait for me.. i still fight for us.. from my family… but it was 1 year ago.. before he mysteriously disappear….

so.. tell me.. which story can be more interesting this short version? Everybody always tells me.. that it was just like a soap opera


2 thoughts on “My life as a drama”

  1. Hi….write more about it….take some time out to read my love story also….would like to know comment frm ppl who feel love frm heart!!!

  2. Jean… I belive that God will give all the best for you in His time.

    Just PUSH…….. Pray Until Something Happen


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