The wonderful effect of travelling

My job forces me to do traveling all around East Indonesia. … Since I never travel around Indonesia wide except Java Island, i was thinking that places like those were rainforests.. or at least has lots of trees instead of housing πŸ™‚

First time to Makassar, Celebes.. Impress with its nice beach..and the amazing thing was.. the Internasional Airport there were lots better than the Jakarta one.. Cmon.. Jakarta is a capital city.. but this one.. has very nice high building with glass facade .. very nice.. Food there.. hm.. mouth watering… and the international hotels also stands nicely in front of the beach… if you like horor.. come and see Melborough , the ruin of dutch fortress at dawn, and perhaps you can feel the horor there πŸ™‚

The airport of Makassar

Continuing to Manado… people overseas well known with girl and underwater world in Manado.. but seems that local dont know that there is Italian villa called Minahasa Lagoon, with a breathtaking villa with private beach, and small underwater coral to be dived in.. and it has a very high location restaurant..up the hill if you want to experiences.. .. your tiredness will disappear after you sit there and see the very nice nice nice view there… and enjoy your full package of lunch from the villa..

Kalimantan is the biggest island in Indonesia.. known with its crocodile.. big crocodile.. or should i say.. HUGE… and if u want to try on some exotic food like crocodile satay/soup, .. for me.. no way.. never want to try on.. yuck.. hehe… you can have it in Balikpapan. In Tarakan, you could see a huge and shy big monkey called BEKANTAN.. have u seen TinTin story,,. this animal appears on one of its story.. Seafood. so fresh, big.. but stil expensive for me… in Banjarmasin, you should see a floating market almost the same as Thailand.. but should be seen early in the morning.. and .. you could buy lots and high quality of INTAN.. such type of diamond there…

Sunset@ banjarmasin
Island of Crab - Tarakan

But beside knowing the beautiful area, food and its craft..i just know that in some area, the Income is higher than in Java Island.. such as Bontang, it’s known with the gas .. and the population there works in the 2 biggest company called PT Badak and PT Pupuk Kaltim.. and both has the company area as big as the high class property in Surabaya… the situation inside the land is sooo great.. owned traffic light, mosque, hospital, education center, big information board that shows currency… wow.. id like to work there if i could

hm.. i think thats could be longer if i could describe it correctly, but i will do a detail story after August… wait .. and keep in touch..


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