The Power of love

I remembered once my friend told me a story about her best friends.

She was in love with a guy.. and her relationship was so great and smooth until they decided to be engaged…. Their relationship was just like a Disney story at first, until one day his parents decided that he shouldnt marry her, and introduce another girl to marry instead….

I missed the part why and how.. but later on that guy fulfilling his parent’s wish .. to marry another girl instead.. I believe her heart was so crashed to know that her fiancee betrayed her trust… and would be so crashed to see her love marrying other girl than her..

Years and years passed by.. he has one baby… hm i wonder what she felt when she heard that ,… Amazingly, she still has contact with him…
she really has a big heart.. and it full with her love to him.. .. Although she knew that she couldnt have him, she still in love with him, her heart was so full of her love to him….

Until one day,.. she heard that he would leave his wife because he couldnt love that girl…..even his son has just only about 9 years old…

After she knew it, she tried to find job in Singapore, near to her love one.. she dropped all the career in Indonesia, just to feel her love again.. Her love that never dies in her heart….

I have no idea, whether its ended with marriage or not, but the lesson that i have in here.. showed how powerful love can be… could wait years… …

For me,i have the same experience like above. .. in contrary, he’s gone missing… but still … I still feel the love inside.. him… .. similarity.. power of love can make people feel the meaning of loving someone .. deeply.. purely.. and whole


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