Does human STILL have a heart nowadays????

The tittle up there is really a question i would ask to you all.. does human still have a heart nowadays??? We heard so many killings, suicide, and more more betrayal, cheat on, and more of their behavior that prove that the answer of that question is BIG NO! Actually, it comes up while i was watching a serial reality show in my country called “Termehek mehek” means crying out loud…the reality show beginning with seeking a missing person.. most of them their lover.. boyfriend/girlfriend that already been missing from up to 3 months.

First the story goes well.. ….most of the missing person usually has a disadvantages which make them cannot see their love anymore, like being disable/blind, got car crashed.. which make them afraid to see “the seaker” anymore… however,.. it extended into lots of things.. uncovered the “Evil things about human”

For example, the episode about a girl looked for her dad & her siblings..separated after the parents divorced…  found out that her dad was a drunk, had lots of debt.. and almost sold her twin to her dad’s friend.. for bottles of beers.. can u imagine how bad is it.. for a dad SELLS his daughter??

The next episode was about a girl who looks for her ex, to say sorry, found out that her ex got married with a wealthy family, but has NO POWER at all as a man,.. he has to do what his wife says.. and very pale.. and cannot say NO to  his wife, in my country the frase is… the man just like a cow with rope on its nose and walk wherever the rope is going….. the question is… WHO IS the head of family.. is the rule changes?…or.. what kind a man, who can live WITHOUT power… or even .. feelings?..

Another story, that a girl was looking for her brother and sister out town, found out that her brother was high..and her sister was pregnant… by her own uncle whose house was stayed by both of them.. Where the MORAL goes??? where the heart goes???

A granddad was gone missing, and found out that the grand dad intentionally being dissapear so his granson cannot look for him just to pay all debt he made in overseas.. hm.. WHO is to blame/??

also looking at reality shows called Orang ketiga.. (the third person) .. it showed that a daughter have suspicion for her mom.. turned out that her mom likes  young guy.. and even ask her staff out for a vacation outtown together.. hm.. used to say that heaven is under mother’s feet.. IS IT REALLY NOW???

beside the television, i used to play Mirc, ICq.. between 1 – 10.000 people i chat, i just chat with about 5  good person.. most of them are bullshitting.. (sorry about my language)… lying.. and psyco.. the question is.. why they do that???? what’s advantage that they have by doing that????

so….. where the heart goes??? or should i say.. perhaps God has forgotten to put heart when he created a new person on this millennium edition ?? People just betray everybody.. their love ones, their family, their colleagues….
or is it near to ARMAGEDDON??

however, the thing  that i could not understand is … how many psyco live in the world..


One thought on “Does human STILL have a heart nowadays????”

  1. Wowww….. I thing it is a good story about the heart and integrity of human being. Good story. Same like me, I’m not appreciating with that show on TV, especially local TV. Termehek mehek or Cuhat or other programs. What they f**king doing (ups sorry hehee..) Why a local TV does not make a big quality show like Oprah Show maybe, so many morality messages could be shared with a lot of people in the world.

    Jean, keep moving with your story, its make people knows that they need a morality and integrity on their hole life in the world


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