I met an Archangel.. and fall in love with him

It was just last year, when i had a terrible situation… being left out by someone I love, and at the same time .. also being left out by friends that connect me to him..I was so lost… dont know what to do.. try to find him everywhere.. everytime.. I cannot think clearly.. in my mind, i was just trying to understand and trying to find him…oh.. my life was so miserable … hurt, terribly sad, cannot work properly…. hm. i couldn’t describe it into words…. but i was on the deep sadness …….. i weep so much that i cannot breath and i screamed silently… it was soo horrible.. i fell that i have no night without crying..

Since i’m a catholic.. i did lots lots and lots of prayers.. ask Jesus to find him.. novena, rosary, church.. every way to find him.. if i should jump , i would do.. because i love him so much..

Then, one day .. in my sleep… i dreamed… that some one.. male.. with shiny curly blond hair… in white long dress.. he was shinning….a very bright light so that you couldn’t even see his face..
at that time, he was just looked at me.. and silent…

Beside him, i saw one child cowered near him.. very sad.. i thought he was crying.. and suddenly he turned .. and walked to the child.. and hugged him from behind…peacefully…

I was awake in the morning but i could not forgot what i have dreamed of ,.. so at the office.. i browse pictures under angel.. but i saw …. lots of porn there šŸ™‚ named angel.. (hm.. that surely not what i saw ) .. then i search under name of archangel… ..after pages and pages.. then one picture made me freeze…… it was shown what ive seen.. in my dream.. short hair, curly.. and peaceful face… and when i looked his name.. it says…RAPHAEL….

at first i dont know much about Raphael. i read his story… . and found out that Raphael is the angel of love, travel and sickness..
on the second time, i froze.. LOVE??? …. that was the situation i was dealing with.. that day….. i lost my love… love made me lost my soul…… then i understand what my dream meant to me…Raphael wanted to say .. that he was there for me.. .. beside me.. comforting me… and always be there..

it took time for me, to release me from my sadness… but i know and believe.. . he will find me LOVE as he did before..

I still pray to him, till now.. oh Raphael,.. i love you…my archangel


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