Your best friend could be your worse enemy

Just got a note from friend,.. it says ” dont depend too much to your friend, our best friend can let you dont. they can be nowhere when you needed them..but our GOD never let you down.. ..ever..

I don’t always have negative attitude to a new friend, however the experience have proven that what It said above is true…

I used to have a bunch of best friends back then in high school, had a great time…and at that time, seems that friends are everything to me…There was a girl who was “i thought she were” my best friend… i spent lots of time with her…After high school ended, we were studying in the different uni…

one time we were planning to meet each other again , at that time i was still unemployed … and for some reason, I asked her whether the meeting can be settle earlier……..and …. what the “….” instead of saying some nice words.. she said.. I cannot.. easy for you to set anytime, because you are not working, for us.. we go back home at 6. “D***”.. that was hurting me, man….

Again, when i was in good friend from the same country would be the one who let me down. Dunno what really happen, i don’t think i ever offended her.. at all.. then she would be the one who tried to crash my farewell party…

when i was in workplace, .. experiences LOTS of people who are nice in front but actually demon behind us…… while i thought that they can be our best friend…

Got also stories from friend of mine… that they also experience the same thing. who has been getting down by their own friend…

Then,.. who should be TRUSTED?? who is a REAL FRIEND?
but, dont worry, i still believe.. that


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