Things i HATE for being involve with rich person

Just read about rich people, and i think nowadays.. Indonesian wide has been influence with the hedonism lifestyle. Everything is about MONEY, POWER and LIFESTYLE.. and those involve money for sure.

Few weeks back, when Indonesia held an International seminar about coral life (if im not mistaken).. it was held in Manado, one of beautiful beach in Indonesia, the side story about those event were about the prostitution on that area.. to ‘please‘ the guest from worldwide. The reason for those young girls (most of them are schoolers) doing that was they want to have lots of money to look better.. (make up, dresses, fancy mobile phone? )… h,. whos fault is it… the Tivo, mags??

The other things is.. the mags called high end.. i havent read those yet, but looking from the cover, it may content about the high-class lifestyle…, and they have another for the children.. called high end teens… hm.. interesting..

The national channel also showed about high class life style.. partying in the soap opera, apartment living, expensive things..however, there are two things tho .. side by side about showing those things.. First, the channel also need money for its operational cost, however, the impact in global.. they may not know.. or control.. ..

the side effect of those commercial for teens.. improving and dreaming that kindda of lifestyle in their mind to achieve.. they might ask their parents for more.. or having other income.. (if its legal then its okay.. but if its not.. then AGAIN.. whos to blame)

Enough discussing about people nowadays who tend to be rich.. i want to share why i dont like rich people..

I know lots of people ..perhaps not all rich people do that, but most of them tends to under estimate people who are not in the same level.. I have a boss who looks like a president.. have bodyguard all over, his house are protected with bodyguards… his children has their own bodyguards, … and if you want to speak to him.. you have to do it properly if you want to still work there….Got experiences to see a person who lost his job, just because he has ‘small’ mistake. And the funny things.. when his children travel to other city, both of them seat on VIP-business class with their babysitter ONLY while the manager seat on the economic class .. haha..funny right..

Another example, most of my client is rich.. from their family business.. but can u imagine, that they come to a formal office… or university.. using sandals.. and shorts???… in my mind sometimes thinks… how they are going to respect anyone while they can make others to respect them yah..Yes, they might can buy all things and pay.. but .. how can i explain to other guess? And the most annoying thing is.. if they have complains.. they keep saying..IF I WOULD, I COULD BUY YOUR BUILDING ….hmmm

The words above is the most i hate about rich people.. they think they can buy us.. can buy all things.. and also buy everyone’s prides…

As the case of Manohara, the indonesian model who marrying the malaysian prince .. for money??? .. if its true.. then it would be a disgrace.. for a mom.. sells their child.. for MONEY.. or POWER.. or PRIDE??? but once again.. it happen.. as we talk..

and the last things is..i prefer to have a medium level as my employee .. instead of recruit rich people…. believe me, .. except i dont want to expose in here…


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