If you think this story is about the pure friendship or the nicest / perhaps a motivated story about friendship… then you got the wrong blog… What I’m going to tell you about is the worse thing in friendship which involving big “bucks”, you know.. its green and has numbers and amounts upside down.. on its edge.

Yeah.. the story began with the background office situation.. I was a manager there and there is someone, who is lots younger than me in position of CS. We were like cat and mouse before, I don’t know why, but later on we were close and being a good friend. One day she came to me and lend some money.. .. and few months later, she lend some again .. At that time, i was having enough and had not have anything to pay. At last, she said she would return it immediately since the last lend was quite big form me either.

Until one day, i planned to buy a house for myself from my earning money. Month by month i could pay it well,.. but after the house was finally build, and needs some accessories, furnitures, and so on, then i bought them with easy loan.. until 1 month i realized that i need more than my salary to pay the credit card..

Then i remembered that I still have my save in her. I thought if i could have the money, then i can safe for 2 -3 months to pay the debt and my living cost. And, could you imagine what was going on, when i asked the money. First month she said she had not got any money.. then i remembered, she had given me a jewelry.. i said to her if i could sell it.. She said, Ok.. but since i dont know about any places that can bought it, i sent it back to her. Then, few days later, she said it was sold out, but couldn’t give the money since the ATM that match to my bank was only her dad’s and he was out-town.

Again, at first i believed her.. but after days passed by without any notification about the transfer then i asked her to send it directly to me. I was thinking that my old office was near to my home and her office. But, she ASKED me to get it in her office. C’mon man.. how come you asked the person who lend you some money to get it her/himself to her office.. Polite huh? Seems that she had NO intention to give it to me. I was so pissed but i couldnt say anything directly… and it just about 1/6 the amount she lent

I also had other friend who lend less than her, she has a kid, and a stroke husband who cannot work, and she came from mid-low family who also cannot help her financialy.. but she can pay me monthly without any excuse.. if she paid me longer than she supposed to do, she gave me a text explained about that.

Back to my ‘special’ friend.. she came from mid-up family. .. but i don’t know why, she doesn’t want to lend from her family. A month after that, i text her to say that i need it all.. for paying my debt, but she didnt reply. I was quite upsat about this, and tried to call her,.. and can you imagine? she just repeating the same story, but has gotten any solution. I said, i need it you to transfer it to my account before the date.. and you know what.. she replied my text with capital letter.. how nice .. she said .. WHAT IS THE NUMBER.. oh my oh my.. who’s the one to be mad actually??? then after that, she NEVER said whether its paid or not…

I checked my account, and it was LESS than 10% from the nominal left to pay..and never been CONFIRMED to me, so i was just guess it.. because i dont know the person who transfered it to me… how nice yah..

A month after the money transfered, i was calling her again.. and can you guess?? NEVER BEEN PICKED UP or REPLIED the call AGAIN>..

so.. do not blame me, if the price of a friendship is just some amount of BUCKS….


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