I let my gold away..

I just have this topic after I got a story on my Facebook. It was about a King that spread his gold all over his area, and let his people to get it. He said he has given all his 24K and fake gold in those area. The rule is that people cannot change the gold that they already picked, but for those who has less than 1K, will be given the real gold after they work for the King. Lots of people try very hard & smart to find the 24K gold, but not for the poor man. He just picked one, because he cannot distinguished whether it is gold or not, but he believe that in any way, his gold would be changed into real one after he works in King’s palace.

The meaning of those story is.. we cannot choose who will be perfect for our partner, noone is perfect. But the important thing is to understand each other, to love each other,and to sacrifice on each other ego with who we have chosen.

That story reminded with someone who i loved before and loved me very much. i was in college and had a very high ego, while he already worked. We fight so much, but i remembered that he was the one who always apologized, but i always though that he wasn’t man enough to do so.. He could not say no for what ever i want to do or to have.
He went back and forward each week from jakarta to surabaya just for me, even it cost him a lot for a regular employee, just because i asked him to do so otherwise i asked for breaking up.

But, i was so young and I ask him for let me go, while i continue my study overseas. I knew he was hurt, because in his letter, he said that i should not write him again, ever.. then we stopped writing for about 1,5 years. When i came back, I didnt give any info to him, until he knew it when i put my name and address to the local newspaper for responding some complain to my company.

He called many times to my office and my home, until i had to lie to him and said that i had another boyfriend. He said he also had a girlfriend, but he wanted to see me. I asked him not too.. because we didn’t have any relationship. He stopped calling after that.

Years passed by, and.. life goes on.. but when i looked back, i still find him as a good man.. and a good boyfriend.. I feel that i have given my gold away… and now, i wait for my other gold that has been missing…


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