My Strange Dream

People said that dream was about what inside our heart and mind. I think that was what happen to me last night

I had 2 strange dream which was connected one by one..
The first one was about Mr D bet friend whom I awkward to talk with.. and suddenly last night she said that she should talk to me earlier, but she said that he was Okay, but she also said that the ‘lady-devil’ was so annoying.. to do such things like that..Seems that she was in my side

The second dream was about my friend who happen to be Mr D’s Brother in law’s affair. She said that the man was so annoyed by his wife.. and also said that Mr D is still not married and still strugling.

Actually what was in my mind his sister had an affair instead…
So, do u think the dream is true?? or it’s just a flower of the night


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