A small rock within our way

I just read A story about a man who is walking to a Sunday Mass. Since he lost his concentration, he hit a rock that wound his toe. He was hurt, pain and start thinking that someone who hated him has trying to hurt him by placing the rock on the street. Along the way, he stared to count and predict who would be the one who was trying to hurt him. While he was busy with his thought, he was sitting under the tree and think so hard, and what is in his mind, the rock become a rocky mountain which block his plan to go to the mass.

A girl passed him by and wondering why he was sitting there alone, he told her about how he was hurt and he was wondering who was trying to hurt him, till the rocky mountain which blocked his plan.The girl sat beside him and focusing to his story, then she walked to the street, took the rock and threw it away. He was quite surprise, because what he thought that would be a big rocky mountain was just a regular rock.

What we could learn from this story was don’t let your mind think that a small obstacle would block you to walk your big plan.

I was having the small experience too about this when i went to college. At that time, i was so young and easily to trust people. When I plan to work in Aussie, one of my best friend said that it would be impossible, because usually Aussie people tend to have someone fluent (and absolutely not you) who welcoming the guess in the hotel. I was so hurt before and flew back to Indo after. Everytime i meet my family member, they always say, why dont you work there? why you come back? .. hm… and i begin to think my past again…

Now, when i looked back.. (actually i didnt regretted it) but what i want to say is.. dont trust your friend too much but follow what your heart want to do, and do not let your plan down just because your friend says some thing, but trust your heart the most


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