Life is too short to waste

The world has been shocked by the news of Michael Jackson’s mysterious death.. They tried to understand and find out what the cause of his death.. interviewing his doctors, try to find out from his track record of surgery and predict that it might be the cause of death and so on…

In the crowd I try to understand people… why they care so much about someone’s life and in the same time they try to forget their’s // Funny huh…?

I had one conversation with a friend about this, when he asked me how pity that Mike was died, i answered that people died.. and yes .. noone will live forever rite??, but we are the one who was left behind.. is still living…
so..what i suggest is …. think about yourself and move on..

then he said to me.. love also similar with life and death…
when the love leave you , then you have to stop thinking and let yourself move on..
hm, i’ve been HIT by my own words…

Then i know… as long you didnt get attached with any of those.. love and life problem.. u are easily to move on.. but when you got involve with one of those.. it would be hard to move on before you can fix your heart and your problem….

My suggestion is … BE Still.. and let your GOD take your burden away.. then you will feel free to move on..
to let God take it, is.. depend on you, whether you want to give it . or not… God would never push you to let go…


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