Give Your Problem to GOD

today i had one story about a man that has been praying to GOD asked for the way out. While waiting for HIS answer, he pray and gives all the burden to GOD. He knew that GOD would give HIS best way as long we believe and stay in his way…

As i also had some problems, and it comes almost day by day. As you know, my boyfriend was gone missing, when i prayed, GOD said thru HIS words, that he will be mine.. wait.. but it would be very hard, some prayers said to me that in midyear 2009 HE would let you know HIS plan… and other said., that GOD didnt give any replacement to me, since i still cannot let him go.

I was so down when he was missing, but after a year, i tried to open myself, tho Im cannot let him go yet… and this months.. i had some surprises….
His YM replying my ‘other’ YM . surprisingly he used words that he never use it to me.. so different with the guy i know.
His FB, that he ‘made; with different nick name.. is changed into his original email..

what’s going on? what’s happen..
I asked GOD to answer it to me..
but He didint
Im so tired of waiting. and put the continues burden to my shoulder
I cried a lot

He cares…
He knows…
He would never let me do it alone..
because He understand…..

then.. as the story said.. i tried to lay on his feet and put all my burden on HIM..
God let me sleep and wont have the same burden again
cos i know you would understand everything


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