Between LOVE and GUILTY …

For some of you, perhaps the topic already guide you the imaginary to where the story will tell..

This story was inspire with my conversation with some people about an affair. Seems that affair has few perspectives.. some of them perhaps just a doodlebug.., but some others will include it with feelings

Why it happen? there are lots of reasons why an affair has might be started with the unhappy marriage, or just for fun, or the affair partners is a caring person to talk with.

But as I know, if the reason can be narrowed down to.. its because … someone is bored with his/her personal life in her/his marriage life..

Why they bored?? usually because the partner already forget, that people need something new, fresh and different.
For house-wife, they usually forget to put make up, dress up instead use a very old baby doll… or use parfum or so… while their partner always looking at a fresh, beautiful girl. For a working man, they forget to say i love you, or kiss in the check or asking their partner’s day.. when he got home//.. He just straight to the bedroom and sleep..

Then, whose fault is it?? i think its both..

For the person who finds love while he/she already has lifetime partners… hm.. i have no comment on this.. the question that pop up my mind was only….’then what makes them get married?’

For the person who is just for fun.. i try to analyst what will they feel.. to have one love and one lust in the other hand.. or perhaps the play will make their adrenalin goes faster?

Then how to deal with those feelings … i havent had chance to analyst it.. do you have any idea to share?


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