Trip To Kupang-NTT

Perjalanan ke Kupang .. new experience for the NTT province… Short description about Kupang, Kupang is the main city of Nusa Tenggara Timur province. Its the same islands as Timor Leste, the Indonesian island that was announced as a country

It was only take 1.45 mins from Surabaya to Kupang by Mandala.. the airline that never late (i guess…). Dont be surprise for Kupang’s was soo small.. they event do not have enough trolley for your luggage.. you should hire a “porter” to have the trolley because they monopolize it for a ‘little’ business.

First impression of Kupang, since you move away from the airport..all you can see mostly are rocky road, …and.. the terrible heat…it was so hot in December…
First day in Kupang…. the beach… even we are adapting with the hot weather in Kupang, but if we see the beautiful beach.. we always.. take a pic.. the beach there was so beautiful, blue and out of polution…

If you like to seek souvenirs… Kupang famous with the “tenun ikat” although its expensive but it would be a good thing for your home decoration… ; Sasando..miniature of traditional musical tools’ ; CEndana woods.. for aromatherapy ; bone crafting; … For me.. i just take a ‘tenun ikat’ MUG… it was printed on the mug.. because.. the real one is so so expensive.

We stay in the KRISTAL HOTEL (they say its a nice hotel)..It was nice.. but quite old one i suppose.. with the bad plumbing.. and .. warm(not hot) water.. and.. very late in delivery .. towels…i guess that the owner thought that it wouldnt be necessary to have hot water..on the hot weather as it is. Its completed with swimming pools so you can refresh yourself on it.. after doing the activity outdoor.

The hotel is side by side with the if you like to see the beach quite often, you could just go outside the room and enjoy the beach..

Hm, the speciality of Kupang’s food is Se’i meat… se’i means grilled… and pork se’i tasted better than beef sei.. they also have tuna se’i. Another meal beside se’i is.. Grilled pork ribs; Pork bones soup .. yummy…; papaya leaves vegies….. Although i dont like pork that much, but eating pork in Kupang makes a habit for me in 2 days.. i dnt feel strange like bfore.

Kupang also has a street full of Javanese food.. and ‘ikan bakar’.. if you like to try new taste of fish. you could try Ikan berbunga.. hm for me who doesnt know about the fish’taste ..what i always like is Gurame and Kakap. This fish taste.. hm how can i describe it..

Kupang has monkey forest too.. as i remember i have friend who loves monkey and met Balinese and Lombok’s monkey.. ehehhee.. For Kupang, the monkey looks skinny and hm, i have no idea whether its naughty or not.. since the monkey gives me a bad experience… better stay away from them allright…..

However, if you cannot take the heat. you should drink more and rest more..
I have half day to go around Kupang, most of all i can see was….rocky, and nothing else… although nothing to see..but if you have photography would be perfect for you..because there is lots of place that you could shoot it…

And after all…, it still be a trip to remember


3 thoughts on “Trip To Kupang-NTT”

  1. Nice Article miss Jeannie.. I wish to read all of your trip story… I’m from kupang, thanks to your article as it promote our town.. 😀

    1. thank you r4ndieL , i like to travel and write, however now its so limited time and money for me to write other point of interest. :(. I was in love with kupang , however it was a short trip there 🙂

      1. 🙂 but look how you write this article actually inspire me to write as i am like to traveled even thought only explore inside this Timor Island.. Thankyou.. hope you can get the chance to travel again… 😀

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