Solo.. upgrading the tradition

Solo.. hm..

ive been to this city about.. 20 years back… and already forget about the beauty of this city.

Nite time @ SOLO

From Surabaya, you can go to SOLO by train or flight to YOGYA first and 1 hour drive to SOLO. it just about few hundred rupiah, then you can rent it from the airport. The traditional ride in Solo is BECAK and it is recommended for you if you just come to Solo for the first time. The ride there cost you between 10,000 – 15,000 (2009 rate) and you can enjoy the environment of SOLO. The same minimal rate of TAxy there.. so better to ride a BECAK and try the new feeling of the city

The Hotel.. hm, i choose IBIS when i was there, clean, modern-minimalist and complete and the important thing is.. iBIS located in the center of the city…but in scale of town.. it wouldnt be to far to go anywhere in solo.

GALABO, the street food

The Food… if you like to try a different kind of food everyday and find specific food in SOLO, you can find it in GALABO near to PGS (Pusat Grosir Solo). Galabo opens at 19:00, and the unique thing about GALABO.. the most area there is “lesehan” means.. you can enjoy the food while sitting on tiker . The last time i got there, they build a train track, so it might be more interesting to see. The traditional food that you MUST TRY is.. “gudeg ceker”; “wedhangan” hm.. i forgot the rest but you SHOULD try all kind of things in GALABO…

The Sightseeing…
BATIK is the traditional linen which is famous in Solo. you can find a cheap one in PGS or the expensive one in Kampung Batik. Its average of 20,000 – 200,000 .. i think its depend on the style and textile, but the new style always come fast in PGS.


If you like to know about the history, SOlo has few kraton (king’s palace) like Mangkunegaran; Kraton Solo; and Bu Tien’s residence (BU tien is a wife of former president).

The Photo
havent seen about those .. will tell you later about it


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