Please dont break it no more, A Broken Heart heals slowly

Have you ever feel a broken heart so deep that you always remember

Do you feel that it rips you until you feel so hurt inside
Do you feel that you have to keep it so that no one knows that it still hurt
Do you feel that sometimes the cry is still there when something reminds you of it
Do you feel that its unfair that it happens on you

Do you feel that A broken heart heals so slowly .. that you still can feel the hurts although when iit recovers
Do you feel the trauma to move on…

Life still needs you to go on..
try to find some way to glue the heart from pieces
Although it wont recover as new as before still ready to move on

when it breaks again..
it would crack worse than ever
would not be easy to recover…

Please, do not break it again in any way…
if so.. it could not be a whole as one..
and do not know whether it can heals once more …


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