Now I Know how it works….

Today, i was talking with someone that reminds me of how hard to build A family is like. I do think i have lots of stories about how hard the relationship will face on the first 5 years of marriage. If it is not about finance, the differences of their mindset, their responses on something and many more

Two things that i know about finance difficulties could broke your relationship. As the woman will try to discuss the problem with her hubby, the man will try to be alone and think.. without talking. The differences between Mars and Venus could make the atmosphere become critical. If the woman could not understand how a man things , she will try to push.. while the man could not accept that behavior and become angry with that condition.

One thing could i say for a woman, please just be quite.. and try to understand that every man will try to go on their safe house to think, if he has the answer, he would come back to you.. but one things you can do, is to think how to make them come out from their safehouse earlier.

For a man, please understand about girl, she needs your caring and understanding to make her feel safe and not being worried tho the problem is still occur.

Still, although the problem is still in…. but the relationship would be as strong as before, if you two understand each other

After knowing about that, and saying a prayer for tonight, I understand, it seems that GOD has extending my ‘single’ time because HE knows that I could deal with that condition.. and HE would plan the best for me…


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