When a SMALL for you is counted BIG to others

This is my real experiences… and I just got its lesson ..

For me, as a single woman, .. i have everything.. i mean, i grow from a family who has enough… even though we are not too wealthy. For the work, i have a good position and good salary, enough for a single person to live a good life.. For me, to eat on the good restaurant which cost me 300,000 for two is still afforded.

Then..one day..
I met someone, that has small family… To her, Rp 100,000 is worth much more than it is for me. It could save her to coupe with her family debt. For her, to save that amount, she would take next months salary first…

So ironic right, thats life…..
Once more, i remembered another story, that someone tried to lend me some money, .. for me its a small piece from my salary. At first, she asked how to proposed a credit from a bank. And i gave her advise, not to take any bank credit… and offer to lend it from me with a small commision… (ha ha…) i was so surprised actually to know how much that she needs… (but i was joking .. and send out the commission to her again after she pay the last debt)

In here, we’re not talking about finance, but as i heard from the television, a LIE can make a BIG deal to other, while it is just a SMALL things to them who talk about it…

Ironic, huh…
for the same amount…. while someone said it was a SMALL amount to him/her, it could be BIG to others…


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