Every cloud has its silver lining

Problem always occurs in our life.. im sure everyone has experienced of facing a problem, rite.. but as God promises us.. He would never leave us alone…

St Paul mentioned in his letter, he said that if you walk with God then you have nothing to be feared about. as He puts the problems according to the size.., he put it in few parts

First, the enemy that surrounds you but cannot hurt you because the spirit is guiding you.. . We’ve been surrounding, but not surrounded

secondly, the enemy that block your way… but remember if you still in God;s way.. you might see a small light to see your next step…If God seems to close his door, he always open A window.

Being torched but not being left alone.. because the guardian always be by your side. Your enemy might hit and take you down, but they cannot make you lose.

Sometimes people failed to stay in their faith, because they think that walk with Jesus means, there is no problem or enemy that tried to hurt them..
They are wrong… because sometimes a problem or enemy is something that GOD puts you to make you stronger…

I Believe in every problem, there is something that we can learn.. about life and wisdom and KARMA.. ; as i remembered about my life..every problem that i faced..always make a good thing after… it might be at the same time, 1 year..or 5 years…

so…believe it and be STRONG..because there always be a silver lining in ever cloud


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