BEWARE: Words could KILL

Its a very SHARP title , don’t you think? but it’s quite true indeed..

Sometimes, we could not control our words, if we’re angry. We tend to say something that already  in mind.. without filtering it first. However, have you ever think that A small words can kill people’s feeling?

I was talking with a friend last night, and i assumed he lost his love for his family because of the words that came out from his parents . I do think, it started from a simple thing…and when it was said over and over again, before they realized it already become a BIG wound to their son.

Sometimes, we do not know how a SIMPLE WORD  could have many meanings to others. And DANGEROUSLY, it might stab straight to their heart and placed it permanently . That SMALL word… can kill  personality and most of the time could change people to worse.

and now,ask your self?

For PARENTS, have you ever or perhaps regularly SCOLD or said something that could hurt your kid’s feeling or avoided your kids..???

just REMEMBER , those small words/gesture.. can be stick on their mind until he/she is adult..  Dont you understand… your kids need your warm welcome, care, balanced attention within the kids. Without that, they would feel left behind and unwanted… The effect is so broad… they will try to find others that makes them welcomed and wanted.. it makes them entered the world of drugs and nite life. or sometimes they ruin their life to ask YOUR attention and care…

for FRIENDS, have you ever find yourself saying something that if you get that words itself,  you would feel hurt…??

Have you ever know that your words stick there where it makes a big wound to whoever you have said it? Moreover, it make them ask why and why.. while it might be NOT their fault?

My opinion…check your words before it comes out your mouth.. . BY delaying your words, and observe whether the word can be a lifesaver to others.

.. i guess.. conversation, communication IS NOT an easy thing to do.. although we done it everywhere, and anytime…


(dedicated to YS)


2 thoughts on “BEWARE: Words could KILL”

  1. Words can be sharper than knives… It can be the strongest weapon. As people said, “A tongue is not steel, yet it cuts”.

    Anyway, nice blogs!
    Do you know other UC people who blogs (except Jie Wa)?
    I’m doing some research why there are not many people blogging.

    Thank You


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