Apparition Virgin Mary in Banneux – Penampakan Maria di Banneux

Banneux, the small out country of Belgium, the Virgin Mary appeared to a young girl, named Mariette Beco, 11 years. Banneux it self also known the title of Notra Dame after the resident petition to Our Lady for the protection of their village. Beco family lives outside to the remote spot called La Fange, the domain of the poor. Mariette was the eldest among 7 children.

The apparition took time at the part of hard winter , on somber winter’s evening that symbolized the evil and death. Those events took place between 2 world wars, when dictatorships were striking terror and death throughout the world (NAZY – Jan 30, 1933)
The events were simple and meaningful. Mary also accompanies her into the spring, waving to ger, gliding backwards, waving to her.

There are lots of symbolisms that we can see in this apparition
a. Mariette followed the path of EAST – the sun rose – The Christ. Mary leads her to Christ, for the spring is Christ, the source of eternal life.
b. The walk, two stops means of our discouragements when trial overwhelmed us and faults discouraged us.
c. The 1st Apparition symbolized that we may be in spiritual darkness, but can still welcome Mary and her son. The call is demanding, first of all, one must OPEN one’s heart before one is able to open one’s door; Believe… because Mary left the garden because the lack of faith of the surrounding of the child

First Apparition; Jan 15th 1933.

Mariette looked at the window and saw a light. She went to her mother and said “ I see a lady in the garden” and her mother was amazed to see Mariette pray that she never seen her like that. Her mother came to look and saw a figured, frightened and called out a witch. Mariette wanted to go out, but her mother stopped and locked the window. As she see it again, it disappeared.

Mariette attendance to the catechism class again starts to disturb her chaplain. One is because her attendance, since she was decided not being included to the first Holy Communion due to her irregular attendance on the catechism class. Second, about her vision that he thought it should not be spread about. Thirdly, he was just coming from Beuraing where the Virgin just appeared to ask the sign for re-kindle the faith of his parishioners. Moreover, although Mariette missed 32 session, she answer his question right compared to the all sessions that she had never understood.

2nd Apparition; Jan 18th 1933; 7:00 PM
Mariette was kneeled down in the garden and pray, Her father was thinking and start lo chasing the witch. Mariette then left the garden and walking up the road where the lady was calling her. Twice she fell to her knees, and the third time, she knelt near a pool water coming from a spring.

The lady said “ Push your hand into the water, The spring is resetved for Me, Good night, good bye”, she did what the lady said. That evening, Father Jamin was informed and went to her house. Mariette’s father made a resolution’ tomorrow I’ll go to confession and communion”

3rd Apparition: Jan 19th 1933; 7:00 PM
The lady appeared,
Marriete : who are you, beautiful Lady
Lady : I am the Virgin of the Poor”
Mariette : oh, The Virgin of poor
The lady then led her to the spring, and she asked again
Mariette : Beautiful lady, yesterday you said the spring is reserved for me. Why for me?
She pointed herself and innocently believes that it was for her. The virgin answered,
Lady : The spring is reserved for all nations.
Mariette : For all nations
Lady : To relieve the sick
Mariette : For the sick., thank you thank you.
Lady : I will pray for you – goodbye
Mariette repeated nations the word that she did not understand

4th Apparition; Jan, 20th
At a quarter 7, Mariette woke up, dress and when out in spite of adult disapproval. She kneeled down on the path and prayed
Mariette : Ah, there she is. What do you want, my beautiful lady?
Lady : I would like a small chapel
She stretched out her hands and blessed the child with her right hand. Mariette collapsed and fainted.

Although from Jan 21 – Feb 11 , Mary didn’t showed up and mixed others feeling, Mariette still faithful . Each day at 7PM, she prayed in the garden. She recited 4-7 rosaries.

The apparition in Banneux, - the spring

5th Apparition; Feb 11th
Once more, Mariette was on the road, she knelt twice and dipped her hands into the spring and made the sign of the cross. She suddenly ran into the house and wep. She asked her father the meaning of “to relieve” , because the lady said “ I come to relieve suffering”.

6th Apparition; Feb 15th
Mariette passed her priests to the Virgin.
Mariette : The chaplain asks you for a sign
Lady : Believe in me, I will believe in you. Pray a lot; goodbye.
Mariette prayed and sobbed, her face against the ground. She wept because the Virgin had departed. The Virgin confided a secret to the child

7th Apparition; Feb 20th
Mariette said the rosary, and suddenly she prayed louder and faster, left the garden and knelt twice on the road, again at spring, prayed and wept. – because she left too quickly— Mary told her to pray hard. She did until 10:30.

8th Apparition: March 2nd
With an umbrella, Mariette recited three rosary, and suddenly stopped, remind silent, stretched out her arms, got up, took a step forward and knelt down, sobbed leaning on her elbows. At home, she releaved the message, “ I am the Mother of the Savior, Mother of God. Pray a lot”
The lVirgin had then laid her hands on her and said “Farewell” ; she said to me “Farewell, I will never see her again, the Virgin had only said one word too many.. Farewell

— The painting that made on the Chapel of the Apparition is painted many times from Mariette overview. At first, she said how ugly; that wasn’t the foot she saw; not detailed enough, her hand too wide apart, the neckline to cut out, the belt to short and not blue enough; the light wasn’t like this. Until the fifth paint, she seemed more agreed tho she said that her face is more beautiful.

The Messages:
a. VIRGIN OF THE POOR, she who lived among the poor. With a spirit of poverty; that is to say poor in all things except in the grace of GOD. She asked a small chapel, humble and discreet, a rendezvous for the poor
b. The call to commitment: the time she was asked to push her hand, she did it with commitment, without any doubt. It is also symbolized to claim knowledge of Jesus nor to accept intellectually that he is living among us. It is useless to know who Christ is as long as we don’t set ourselves on the road towards him.
c. A call of Faith : Father Hamin discovered that it needs to be a soul of child who places itself totally in the hand of God, Jesus and Mary
d. The nations and the sick: refers to the words: The spring is reserves for me- because the event had two major world war, and she feels the pain of mankind. Mary desire that the spring be a sources of comfort to all the sick. Jesus and Mary came to relieve suffering with which the world abounds. Some shocked by the prayer that declare our world to be a valley of tears. Beside the God fully creations, we must understand how numerous the miseries and tears in our world are.
e. Mother of the Savior, mother of GOD: The first title regards to the annunciation that she will have a son, name Jesus – God saves; The second title is the title we gie in Hail Mary. Three times, she said PRAY MUCH – refers to the new testament : Watch and pray al times.

About Mariette

She was the eldest of 7 children, who helped a lot in the housework. Loyal and straightforward and does nothing to gain sympathy. She also refused to play the drama. But some of them was skeptics when the 4th apparition ended suddenly, she was maltreated, victim of pressure, suspicions, judicial, unkindness, also accused of being a traitor, but she never betrayed the messages.

As it was said, she was treated as Bernadette Soubirous that become a nun after that, but for her, it was not all suitable. She was indeed so naive that she does not understand the word nation nor to relieve.

She said “ What was not understood was that I was only a postman to whom the Virgin had given a letter, and I had to deliver it and that was the end of that” surely that she wasn’t make up her story.

Based on the book ; Banneux – the Virgin of poor


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