Pilgrimage of Banneux – Now

The itinerary of the Pilgrim


For those who come to Banneux, there is a small pilgrimage to be made inside the Domain. Mary invites us there, and this little pilgrimage is in the image of our lives. Let us see.

Mary tells us: Begin by sitting in front of the little chapel which i desired and which was build on the spot where the child saw me.

Then I will come myself, me, the Virgin of the Poor. I will take one of you by the hand , to make this little pilgrimage of one hundred metres in my spring

The child has trod this path four times before you. It is always the children , who preceed and guide us.

On this pathway, there are three white stones, which indicate the spots where the little visionary knelt each time. She hardly knew why. You, you know why: there are the three times you have fallen on the way of cross of your life. There are all the times that life overwhelmed us, all the times you have fallen, either in your body or in your sould.

On the way to the spring, remember all your past. Do not go pass there three stones. But do not delay there. The spring is much more important.

Push you hands into the water. It is a gesture of humility, of obedience , of confidence and abandonment.

The spring is half way there, As a little further along there is the church; there are the sacraments which are the veritable sources of the resurrection: the living water which will cure you and give eternal life.

-Cardinal Dannels-

Photo : exclusively from friend of me


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