A Novena to Our Lady of Continued blessings

In the days after your pilgrimage it might be a good ideas to recall the highpoints of your time in Lourdes. This may help you to answer the question: How can I live this in my everyday life?

A. How do I go about doing a novena at home?
here are some suggestions to help you. Take a candle home with you and light it everyday, while you are saying your novena.
Say the prayer of Our Lady continued blessings
Reflect on the thought for the day
Say a decade of the Rosary
Whilst saying the Hail Mary meditate on the mystery
The order in which you say the prayers is your choice


When you were in Lourdes were there places or times when you found it easier to pray? For many pilgrims their favorite place is the Grotto, in the silence

yes, precisely in Lourdes you have the Grotto! however a crucifix, an Icon, a statue of Mary, a Bible, these are signs of the sacred. Added to that many churches are open during the week.

At the Grotto, I was not alone. You are never alone, You are in communion with the Saint and at the same time you are praying in and for the world. We are reminded of this when we pray the Our Father, . In Lourdes, candles are burning every moment of every day as a sign of the constant prayer of the church

Thought for the day
How is my prayer life? Is it growing?

Meditate on the announcing of the Kingdom:

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee,
Blessed are you among woman and him who gave us the OUR father, Jesus, your son
Holy Maru, Mother of GOD, pray for us sinner,
now and at the hour of our death, Amen


In Lourdes, what was it that helped you go to confession? Can you in some way go back to that place in your heart in order to experience the joy and peace you received in Lourdes? Now you can think about the times when you could go to confession during the year at home

Thought for the day

Are you able to avail of confession in your home parish? maybe if this is not possible and if you live in a larger town you could go to another parish and perhaps ask a priest to be your confessor.

Remember the words of the Our Father (forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others..) there are many opportunities to celebrate God’s forgiveness, the Confiteor and the other words of the penitential rite. Actually think about these words and don’t say them mechanically.

Meditate on the death of Christ on the cross
It is him who delivers us from sin , Jesus, your son.


In days gone by sick people were very visible in LOurdes. In our day thank to medical advance this is less so. However suffering is still part of the human condition when we come face to face with our own limitation.

Everyone is affected by Lourdes, the relationship we see between the sick and their helpers. The helpers themselves will tell you that they receive much more than they give

The person’s illness does not take away their taste for living but it makes us realize that all things are passing, it helps us to take stock of that which we have and to look at all aspect of our lives.

Thought for the day
In the group that I was with the people who helped the sick did not miss anything. Who needed the attention? Was it me who was afraid? They devoted their time freely, without charge!

How do you think the sick person or the person with disability deal with the temptation of their faith? Did God abandon me? (HOPE) I am near death (LOVE) I could just turn in on myself

Mediate on the Visitation
” and it is he heals the sick, Jesus your son

Maria @ Monaco


The cachot is the second stage of the Jubilee Way. In this squalid damp hovel lived Bernadette, her parents and three siblings. On seeing this we cannot but be moved,. It is an wonderful example of GOD choosing the poor and the humble.

We have to be careful not to consider the story of Bernadette as nothing more than a fairytale; the little poor girl, sick and illiterate who for the last 150 years half a billion people have come here as pilgrims.

Thought for the day
If you had lived in Lourdes in 1858 what would you hae thought about the Soubirous? Would have paid any attention to them or would they have been invisible to you? Which side would you have been on, would you have helped in the spreading of the rumors about them?Or perhaps you would have helped them?

Obviously we are not in 1858. But who are the Soubirous in your midst today

Meditate on the whipping of Jesus
” and it was him who was whipped, Jesus your Son”


The woman imparted a task to Bernadette; go and say to the priests that the people are to come here in procession and build a chapel. The notion of procession is a reminder that we are a pilgrim Church journeying toward the Kingdom. The chapel is a place of assembly , principally for the celebration of Mass.

During your time in Lourdes, you will have taken part in the processions, symbolizing the pilgrim Church and as you gathered for Mass perhaps for either the Sunday or Wednesday International Mass, a community at prayer.

But back at home in my parish, it is not easy. I do not always feel I belong. The parish of Lourdes in 1858 was certainly not perfect. But it was the parish were Bernadette was baptized. It was her faith community and it was in this parish that the Blessed Virgin appeared to Bernadette to bring her massage to the world.

Thought for the day
What do you ask of the church and what can you do to help further the mission of the church

Meditate on the Pentecost:
” and it was him who lived in the Church, Jesus your SON..”


Bernadette had to overcome much on her journey, opposition, skepticism, fear and hostility. This came from many fronts, her parents, the police and other civil authorities, the sisters of the school she attended, the clergy; all opposed her at one stage or another for a variety of reasons. Bernadette weathered it all

What do you think of the words of Peter and John when they where before the Sanhedrin for the first time? “We cannot remind silent of that which we have seen”

Or perhaps like Bernadette the statement is more accurate: I am not responsible for what you believe but only for that that I give witness to

Thought for the day
What I am like when I am called to give witness? Can I have the same traquil courage that Bernadette demonstrated?

Meditate on Jesus before Pilate”
“and it was him who stood before Pilate, Jesus your SON… ”


Since pilgrimages started coming here, Lourdes has always had an incredible mix of people from all walks of life and different countries and cultures, the young and the old, the town dweller and the rural. It is also a place where the well and the sick person mingle freely among each other

In Lourdes, much is said without words, the smiles, the simple gestures of one helping another, the obvious consideration of others. At the evening tourchlight procession the faces illuminated by the candles show people who are in somewhere in another place walking along side the neighbour realizing that we are all the same.

Based on pamphlet of A novena to Our Lady of continued blessings.

You remembered all things
and pondered them in your heart
Help me to do the same

It is you who lived in obscurity in Nazareth
Show me the way to love everyday

It is you who spent company with Jesus
Help me to make more real the experiences of my pilgrimage

I also offer to you in prayer those I met in Lourdes
especially the sick and those with disability

You asked for a chapel to be built
I pray for the community of which I member of

Continue to look on me
You who is the Immaculate Conception
Mother of Mercy. Amen


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