THE MASK….. (a simple lie can shut down your life)

As I’ve been told… we should dare to dream, so we have something in live to achieve, … BUT.. how it will be if the DREAM is too HIGH too reach.. people will change, will do anything harm to others, cannot be thankful for what we have…

I know someone, who was a simple person, but has high expectation in her marriage life
As the time flows, she begin to step one level of live which is MARRIAGE…
but her dream cannot be achieved.. unfortunately her dream was ruin, and her life become miss-arable,..with the debts ..
the real life begun to appear so fast as A thunderstorm…

her dream become a nightmare… her life become A sharp knife which ready to cut out all the part of her body
her tears already dried… and her body become weak..
then something happen… the dark shadow appear and blind everything out..
she closed her heart, her eyes, her ears to everything…. and she become a very new her..

And she started her FAKE LIFE…
she put a MASK on her face to deal with the reality
Her friend become her enemy, only glamorous things open her eyes…
she feel heartless to anyone that tried to help her
she only listen to everyone who make her happy
she fill her life with her dream before without seeing a reality

at the end…
nothing can change her..
she live with her mask life
living as a pretender…
point out everything but her.. to blame…

do you think, how it can be???
it would be YOU…if you dream something that cannot achievable
it would be YOU, if you cannot face the reality and start act of it
it would be YOU, if first start as a pretender.. then you will pretend for the rest of your life

SO, guys.. out there..


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