mei 1st 2011, the starting point of my new life

I remembered, about this day, one year ago, when I was in pilgrimage tour in europe. My life looked so miserable, broken hearted, , and no clear future. As some of you that have read my previous stories, may know that I was just lost my bf for about a year, therefore in one way, I felt down,

I went to LOURDES with 2 wishes, first I’d like to clear my mind of him, and secondly, I’d like to ask guidance from Mother Mary, so that I could understand which path I should follow.

Although, some of the tour friend may think I was brave because I went there alone, but for me.. My intention is to pray and ask for those wishes especially the first one. Whenever I looked back when my ex was here, I felt like a knife stabbed in my chest… Hurt

I met 4 other friends there within my age.. The J son and daughter and ms susan. Before we realize, we became friend. Taking pictures, laugh, tell each other stories.

Then, before we realize , the tour was already over.. And we were back to our business. But, one I couldn’t understand, I become close to Armand, unexpectedly

One month after that we become lovers, and until now we haven’t got a serious fight for each other.. NOW, after a year we would like to take the relationship seriously

And I know, it was.. Because a miracle of lourdes that we meet, that we keep each other until now.

(Hank you .other .ary for your blessing and you wonderful gift


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