Delicious Surabaya – Pecel Angkringan (Dharma Husada)

makan di Mall atau restaurant mewah, kadang membuat kita menjadi jenuh dan ingin kembali ke suasana jaman behula..
Pagi – pagi di hari minggu, setelah menikmati Car Free Day di Surabaya, kita mencoba makan pagi PECEL angkringan.. yah mungkin itu cuman sekedar julukan saya aja…

What so unique about this, is.. the style.. very old Indonesian style, that you eat in from of the seller, and sit in very short sitting bench

with the fresh air, spicy food and… traditional song… it creates a very extra ordinary ambiance

try it out.. in Surabaya, I LOVE INDONESIAN FOOD, I love PECEL (vegetables, crackers, livers..yums)


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