Breakfast at Kopitiam OEY

Saturday morning

I guess the Independence day is a silent morning in a big city like Surabaya, and that is the right moment to explore Surabaya. One early morning, and it is hard to find a nice restaurant in that early.So, we hang around Tunjungan .. and try to find luck, hopefully the nice restaurant i haven’t tried

And then, appeared a small restaurant, named KOPITIAM, which is a food court back in Singapore.

located in front of JW Mariott Hotel, its open from 10AM (that made me to wait about 30 minutes to open)

Although it was a small restaurant, but the interior is quite interesting to see. it would bring you to the early chinesse – Indonesian interior style.

The posters seems old and nice for remembering the old times

The menu divided by 3 , breakfast, lunch and dinner. since i went there in the morning. i took kroket with mustard and “nasi hitam” rich like “nasi uduk” but the black color made by kluwek. I gues for taking light snack and coffee, this place is recomendable


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