Sumenep, the kingdom in Madura

I guess my journey in Idul Fitri quite amazing, starting with unplanned journey to Madura, the island near Surabaya. It will take normally 4 hour to go to Sumenep, and about 15 minutes from the SURAMADU bridge from Surabaya to Bangkalan.

The trip that i took, passing the Madura strait, looking lots of Fisherman’s boats tied up in a dried land. however, since i took un ordinary road, it took us around 5-6 hour passing the crowded traditional market, seeing lots of people took the transportation uniquely. I said unique, because i saw them sitting on the car’s top… or perhaps about 10 people in the panther.#fiuh….

First stop, we eat in Bebek Songkem. the duck is wrapped in the leaf and cover up with chilli and herbs.. sooo yummi. it is located in Sampang, Madura. And we continue to Sumenep… I wonder i could see batiks in Pamekasan, but it was too late when we were back from Sumenep.

Later, we stop at Astana , the name of kings tomb. But , because you should take out your shoes and it was very very HOT, so i took some pics from outside. I guess what i really looked is so historical, but pity, it would not carefully maintained….

Some of you who would like the beach, Madura has very clean beach.. i guess even cleaner than BALI

The door of ASTANA

After the Astana, we went straight to the King’s Kingdom

the Symbol of Sumenep Kingdom
Biggest QURAN

King’s Chamber

The King would see his wife from the pool @lawang mesem

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