Surabaya oh Surabaya (Car free day @ Tunjungan)

One specific day , that I’ve waited.. for a month.. WHY.. ??? because it just once in a month  that has “A car free day” moment in Tunjungan

Woke up early (though it wasnt too catch some moment. Actually Tunjungan has lots of historical moment. The Majapahit Hotel  for example (was YAMATO at that time) , was the place where Indonesian heroes climbed up and teared up the Netherland’s flag.When i walk the street, I found out the piece of old time, tho a lot of buildings or store looked so dirty and empty, even there are lots of un finished building draws an ugly skyline of Surabaya…

Poor Surabaya, when will the city be nice as Singapore or Malaysia? Who can make the old bulding changed in  to a great Shopping mall like Singaporean in Bugis area. or making the historical buiding be a tourism point like Malaysian….

WHen,….. Who… i wish i could find the person, so that i can walk and talk about my city PROUD

More old building..


When it can be a memorable building around here…. not just only a shopping mall
though it was a good to shoot.. but better if it was renovated and used…
IF surabaya has an Art Garden for this…

THUMBS UP for the owner
how nice if this building is maintained