Indonesian Royal Carriage

Some century ago, The Mangkunegaran was a great Kingdom that was being quite influenced by the Dutch Kingdom and still is …  Before this post, i showed you about the kingdom. In this post, i just would like to show more about the carriage.

Lots of royal carriage, and has its meaning, therefore i would like to share some to you.

Royal Carriage : there are lots of royal carriage in the similar style but has different symbol, so that every King has its carriage for his own, and will not being inherited to his son

Carriage for engagement : the funny things about this is the guard sit behind the 2 people, and its rope divide them so that they cannot seat close enough..haha

It said “driver”
Carriage for engagement, it said “man” and “woman”

Carriage for coven, the carriage is specialized for the body of King only, not for his relative
Carriage to see horse riding competition, the upper case can be flipped like a sport car 🙂

Carriage for wedding

Royal formal carriage

Carriage for princesses

For the princesses

And others that I cannot remembered the functions


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