Ngayogyakarta – Indonesia, the kingdom that stil exist

Indonesia is usually acknowledge by BALI , beach.. but for me, i like the silence place like Yogyakarta. Although there are lots of International tourism, Yogyakarta still have less than Bali. Yac, maybe because its less popular than Bali. However , who loves history would like to do sightseeing here. Surakarta – Yogyakarta was a big kingdom which still exist …

The king of Mangkunegaran, Yogyakarta still in the Yogya and being appraised by its people near them. Though the dont have any power in politic, they still have power in social. The people there very humble and nicer than Bali. Most old people there is still loyal to their king, therefore they still work there although the salary is too low.

The picture shows about the interior of Mangkunegaran,  Statue of The Guard of Bad and Good, Batiks with ancient language, the Abdi Dalem (the servant of Mangkunegaran), and te shadow Puppet show called WAYANG

The buildings is quite reserved and maintained .. but dust. still there…here’s the pictures (tho i pics this just from pocket camera).

Yogya at night

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