Sampoerna museum..not just only a cigarette museum

The Sampoerna is named by the owner.. Sampoerna, The cigarette which already changed owning by Phillip Morris, but it still exist on tobacco industry, museum and the unique cafe. The museum itself told the story about the life story of the owner, starting from just a small shop owner and changed into the highly owned Tobacco Industry in Indonesia.The museum placed in north of Surabaya, nearly to Surabaya harbor, Tanjung Perak.
At these moment, Sampoerna has the Surabaya Heritage, their special bus will take you around Surabaya in some route and provides you the insight about an old times of Surabaya. There pictures will shows you what inside the Museum Sampoerna, and the old Sampoerna Theater






2 thoughts on “Sampoerna museum..not just only a cigarette museum”

    1. you should, when you come to Surabaya, and i might give you the hint of other museum that i will visit (im in surabaya, but i dont know about those museum until i found out from Surabaya heritage tour)

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