Admiring the biggest Mosque in Samarinda, Kaltim – Indonesia

This week I went to Samarinda, one of the developing city in East – Kalimantan (known Borneo). Samarinda placed about 3 hour from Balikpapan. Somehow, if you want an extraordinary food, it said in Balikpapan or Samarinda , you could find Crocodile Satay… for me, one night in Samarinda, i just try to find fresh seafood, and its traditional textile.

One building that I cannot forget … that is the Samarinda’ s biggest Mosque, but since my visit is very short, i will show you the facade of this Mosque. and the surround area. But to all of you that like Nature, … and Forest, come and see Samarinda.

So, these are my pictures during my one night at Samarinda. About mosque, the Mahakam river, Catholic centre… Enjoy… Next will be Makassar (Celebes)









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