Catching the other side of BALI

This is my diary in my first  of the four day in Bali.I will make it in 3 episode… 🙂  Bali, who don’t know about Bali, Island of God. My trip at this day is for a hideaway from my stressful day in the office. We land in Bali at 8 PM  and straight to Lovina , Singaraja and arrived at about 3PM.

on the way to Lovina, we had lunch of “babi Guling” (roasted pork)… anyway… Bali is very famous with Roasted pork, so if you goto Bali, don’t forget to try it.. you might like it.. little bit spicy, but very nice. The long trip would not be boring since you can see lots of rice field and the sound of bird. However, the way from Kuta to Denpasar might be an interesting road. It climbs to the mountain and going down after to the black sand beach lovina.

First stop is Pura in Danau Berantan. it is a very large lake with a temple beside it. When you enter the temple area, you might see a big garden and you could see the beautiful temple , just like a ship that wants to sail to the center of the lake (you could see the picture below.

So, if you want to go Bali for the second time, seek the otherside of bali that would impress you more about BALI


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