Lovina from dawn to Sunset (Day 2 at Bali)

Once i heard that Lovina has a Dolphin, spontaneously it state in my agenda if i have another opportunity to go to Bali. Now, when i come to Lovina, darn… it was a very quite neighborhood… but still the dolphins already called my name….

When we arrived at the hotel, we asked the dolphin watching, it cost around Rp 100.000,- however since i already know the price from tripadvisor, so I go to the beach and ask the boat man there, and got Rp 60.000/ pax. WHAT a differences…..!!

We woke up at 6.00 and went to the sea… at first we didnt see many boats beside us. but when the sun comes, we counted around 20-25. And it was a low season….. Our boatman (nyoman – 0813 3840 5724) is very smart, he didn’t try to scare the dolphin so many times we found the dolphin swam beside our boat. After about 30 mins, we went back to the shore, the water was so clear so that we can see below the water.. i wish i have time for snorkling. .many colorful fish that you could find there.

Then,  we finished the day by a 2,5 hour spa.. and watching the sunset in Lovina beach… how romantic.. and these are the picture….

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