On the way down from Lovina to Ubud (Day 3a)

At the third day, me and my husband going to Ubud from Lovina. I guess you dont have to spend more than 1 night in Lovina unless you like to being alone and remote. Lovina has many clubs, but for me.. it’s not my world anymore. We were going quite early about 8 AM, going up and down passing through the mountain. When we arrived at Bedugul, we stopped by to Kebun Raya. As we were the first one coming, the site seems quite usual like a forest or conservation, but as we were going further we felt that the air cooler and the tree are soo high. We produces a lot of good photograph. but actually i encouraged you to go there for relaxing if you have lots of time in Bali.

One that caught my eyes is the greenhouse or i should say cactus house, because all the cactus there is so amazing big , well maintained, fully colour and the most of all is nice to be pictured.

After that, we continued the journey to Ubud, but our stomach was too hungry to continue, so we stop by to the famous restaurant  Bebek tepi sawah with the nice view but high cost, although the duck is nice too.

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