Day 3b : Ancient Candi @ Pemraksan River, Ubud

After a galon of fresh air in Bedugul, we travel down to Ubud. The silent day was changed when we entered Ubud area. Crowded, lots of people, small street with lots of cars, lots of tourist, lots of food WOW… yummmm 😛 lots of shopping area, cafe, baliness dance,  ayayayaaaa
However, we just passed the area that we already familiar with, so we travel around 20-25 minutes to Tapaksiring. Then with a small sign, we park to a parking spot and walk to the ancient temple … 360 step below the parking surface.. At first, the step would not hard to follow since it was going down. side by side along the step, the villager open a souvenir shop with a great variant of things.

at the end of the step, we were surrounded with a big wall , and a plate of water to purify our soul. everybody should pour the water in our head, since it was the tradition, we just do the same although for us, we did not believe such things but we should be as where we are, right.

When entering the gate.. OWOWOW>.. it so magnificent … magical.. it was so breathtaking view when you see two great temple crafted in the big rock and divide by river, and the other side, it was a pura with lots of hole in the rock for people want to pray silently. You can see the picture of this place below….

After taking lots of pics, we went up.. ow ow.. i almost passed out, its harder than it looks. seems like just 300 step, but it takes all my energy out. WOW… i felt so success when i come back to the parking lot even my breath almost out. hahahaa…..

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