Bali, the resort, museum and its food

Talking about BALI… hmmmm, for us Indonesian, bali is known with its resort, food, shopping. Ubud for its museum, and KUTA for crowded….

Today,  i would like to tell you about Bali for its resort, museum and food and the most important is the best picture i got.

Food… talking about food will make you feel HUNGRY…. Bali best food is BABI GULING or you can say it Roasted pig. with its crispy skin, pig blood, chilly.. haha, you might feel it so strange, but once you try it, it would make you hunger for a second time. Babi Guling can be found any places in Bali, but some people said Bu Oka – ubud is the best, however, when I try it some place else, it also nice and make me fuuullll….

IMG_8659 IMG_8661In the afternoon, we have a recommended restaurant in Lovina, named Le Jenzen.. and i had a wonderful experience with my crab. You will never imagine to eat crab meat as similar as drinking it.. the soft of this texture will melt when it comes to your mouth. Should try it if you go to Lovina> Look at this picture…  are you hungry yet???

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????MUSEUM, .. usually.. my hubby doesnt want to see the Museum, but since we were in UBUD, and Ubud is has the most famous art gallery & its artist, we come to 1 museum, Antonio Blanco. Blanco art was very well known , so that Michael Jackson himself has been to his gallery. I dont know whether it was in Ubud – Indo or elsewhere.

One thing i can summarize about Blanco art. It was exploring the woman’s beauty from top to toe.. and its so obvious you can see it in his painting. Almost all of the painting. The gallery gate was similar with a Statue… as it is shown in my pic. too bad we cannot picture his painting… but i took his workshop pics… lets take a look

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Finally the resort….

Me and my husband, actually goto Bali for a very relaxation vacation… therefore we choose a middle level hotel.. not to expensive but not to cheap either. the accomodation in Ubud is the one we love so much, named Beji Ubud. There are 5 different kind of pool that you can try it when you stayed there with different view. I just love a small pool in front of my cottage door. The cottage is so large and have a large bathroom as well. And it cost me around 800,000 IDR.. .for that… you can see my pics and rate it for yourself…

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????So, did my picture increase your curiosity about BALI.. come and see.. and have the same experience as ME…. do not hesitate to ask me for anything i know about my traveling….


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