My Journey to featuring the beauty of East Java

The Journey start a day after Christmas with all my family. Start from Surabaya at 7.00 to Lumajang at first. both of our car climbed up to Lumajang Klakah, and we found the triangle lake ( but we just come to 2 of them). it was so beautiful and nature. For us, the city people we just amazed to see this kindda view. if i saw you the pictures, you might be as blown as me.

Both lake is Ranu Bedali and Ranu Klakah. Ranu Bedali looks  so green while Ranu Klakah looks blue with the mountain as its background. I guess not many people know about this lake since it has not many people coming but that makes the view looks more natural and doesnt has lots of garbage



















After admiring the sight, we continue our journey east to Jember, the city of TAPE, and go down to watu ulo and Papuma. In here, you might see the beauty…. and sunburn 🙂


My friends are crazy to know when i showed them this picture, wont you…. it worth.. and if you live in East Java, it will cost you cheaper than going overseas…


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