My 2nd day in East Java journey

The second day journey is about cocoa plantation and factory, Tobacco factory, and the bad news in Kalibaru. On the second day we go up to the hill and entering some plantation. at first we go to the rubber plantation, and directly to Cocoa plantation near Jember area. we didnt take any pics because the dont allow us to do so.

In tobacco factory, we just realize that Indonesia has been produce tobacco to exporting overseas. I just realize how rich Indoenesia should be with those kind of ability, but where is the tax goes to??

Anyway… we stop by to Kalibaru and goes to Tirto Temanten. OMG it was a very beautiful waterfall.. you should see it yourself. the walk down is not as hard as the trip i went in Bali. i do think not many people know about this waterfall, because there are just only us in there.

After that, we went to PANTAI MERAH… oh oh, it as so virgin, i took some wonderful photo which looked like in Overseas…. There are lots of fisherman there… ah, i wish i have a fish catcher there and have lots of time to spend there, but the sun is so bright…..  took a zip of Young Coconut in the shadow of a palm tree… imagine that… and if you can, just go there and see it for real


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