Do you know that ZOO is stress releasing?

One of you is strees now? dont know which way to go? no money to go  somewhere relaxing. I was the same situation as you before… Then, i think.. how about looking at the animal, it would be budgeted vacation and relaxing as well, since lots of animals do stupid things … like human do 🙂 (agree??)

Okay, then one day i decided with my husband to go to Prigen – Taman safari 2 _ Indonesia .  We were thinking. oh ya its just another safari with cars and we looked the animal while we were inside the car… But when i was there, i was amazed with all the animal i rarely see..  and so relaxing to see them act one to each other…

We have relax time that we enjoyed riding car, walk, talk and see the animal, fresh and breeze cold air, and most of all… the new experiences with the animal that we rarely to see…

Let the picture says itself.. okay..

??????????????????????????????? a16 a15 a14 a13 a12 a11 a10 a9 a8 a7 a6 a5 a4 a3 a2 a1 ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The Australian Kangaroo
The Australian Kangaroo




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