Light that brings happiness (Batu Night Spectacular)

The night is usually dark, but not in Malang – Indonesia… , the night there always covered with lights and happiness…

curious? you must be…. Its only in Batu NIght Spectacular, what makes your dark night into a bright happiness….

i was there for the company outing… as i remembered… but since i love to capture moments without lots of groups,  i want to share the happiness that i had to you to…

if you are in East Java, dont forget to spend your time in BNS, well… if you were there with your special partners , it should be lots of moments and spot that you can use to capture your special moment… with the breeze cold wind… it should be sooo puuurrfect 😛

well, you should be has no idea, if you are not seeing that by yourself.. but since im so kind 🙂 i will share you my moment there in BNS – Malang …. #ngiler……

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