Museum Angkut – BATU, Malang

Another entertainment while you are in Batu, Malang … named Museum Angkut. Angkut itself named from Transport, therefore in this museum, you can see many choices of transportation. If you love doing selfie, wifie or whatever you call it now… its the best place for doing so..

Because i dont like autocar, so the first part was bored me . The museum has many parts, such as : Cars showcase, Bicycle, Plane.

The second part throw lots of interesting part for me to take some pictures. Many scene from Old Indonesia as well as the other country such as England, France, Germany, US and many more

Last part is the Floating Market, which adopted from some of Pasar Apung (Floating Market) in banjarmasin – Kalimantan ( i never been there,.. hick)

so… what are you waiting for… go there, and finish your adventures with tons of pictures

O, yah.. you might need to pay for camera fee, and you cannot bring food or drink because they already provide it in their cafe and pasar apung … and this museum angkut is open at 12:00 , so dont forget to bring your hat, because it would be soo hot there



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