Yogyakarta – Ancient, Culture

Well, for me .. talking about Indonesia will not end for a year, since the country, the culture ,,…. all is so beautiful.

Now, im talking about Yogyakarta, well even expatriates already know the beauty of Borobudur… but for my myself, Borobudur has lots of unrevealed secret yet  being discovered. Those Why-s are still ringing in my ear,  such as why that statue is different from other, why the ancient knows how to make the  gutter around the temple, etc.

While thinking, i tried to capture those moments …. and you might agree with me, to see how beautiful the Borobudur is

im so lucky when  i met the Fashion Parade in the Malioboro street, to see lots of culture and new fashion idea mixed….



Still remember as well inside my head, the local Javanese who even they are old, but with the smile in her face, she work in the  rice field . The sun stroke her small body, but she still working tirelessly. Those men also served for the king, even they are paid low, but they are so loyal, since they believe that the King also taking care of them




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