Fooled by the Kakekbodo waterfall 

Well, if you asked why I said fooled, it was because i know Kakekbodo, and I know usually the location of waterfall would be quite far from the enterance. At first, when I decided to enter, my companion said … naah, it wont be far, therefore I agreed to enter since even though I know the place, but I never have entered this location.

Being a city girl meanibg, I do not like hiking and tracking….  well, let me continue with my story. I began the walk with straight walk, … well seemed okay… lets go…

After passing the swimming pool, the path going up… and I already begin to complain… but saving my breath to go up. After climb to some stairs, my breath began quite hard…. at some points i need to rest… good that they also provide some places to enjoy the mountain breeze.. 

After resting for a while, i began to walk again. Not far from there, you might find the Kakek bodo tomb. They said that he was guiding the Waterfall until he died, and buried near to the waterfall. The path is still going up, until i heard the sound of water and these are what I see before seing the waterfall

The waterfall is hiding behind the rock and trees,…. my companion said when I keep comokaining why I cannot see the waterfall. Then after taking few steps up, then finally i feel amazed and still until now, to see the jewel behind this mountain

I took the opportunity to praise God by staying thete around 15 minutes, feel the sound, the air, the breeze ….. 

well, if you like nature, this would be good to see when you near Surabaya. It only take 1 hour drive and around 15 mins walk to the waterfall


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