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A Novena to Our Lady of Continued blessings

In the days after your pilgrimage it might be a good ideas to recall the highpoints of your time in Lourdes. This may help you to answer the question: How can I live this in my everyday life?

A. How do I go about doing a novena at home?
here are some suggestions to help you. Take a candle home with you and light it everyday, while you are saying your novena.
Say the prayer of Our Lady continued blessings
Reflect on the thought for the day
Say a decade of the Rosary
Whilst saying the Hail Mary meditate on the mystery
The order in which you say the prayers is your choice


When you were in Lourdes were there places or times when you found it easier to pray? For many pilgrims their favorite place is the Grotto, in the silence

yes, precisely in Lourdes you have the Grotto! however a crucifix, an Icon, a statue of Mary, a Bible, these are signs of the sacred. Added to that many churches are open during the week.

At the Grotto, I was not alone. You are never alone, You are in communion with the Saint and at the same time you are praying in and for the world. We are reminded of this when we pray the Our Father, . In Lourdes, candles are burning every moment of every day as a sign of the constant prayer of the church

Thought for the day
How is my prayer life? Is it growing?

Meditate on the announcing of the Kingdom:

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee,
Blessed are you among woman and him who gave us the OUR father, Jesus, your son
Holy Maru, Mother of GOD, pray for us sinner,
now and at the hour of our death, Amen


In Lourdes, what was it that helped you go to confession? Can you in some way go back to that place in your heart in order to experience the joy and peace you received in Lourdes? Now you can think about the times when you could go to confession during the year at home

Thought for the day

Are you able to avail of confession in your home parish? maybe if this is not possible and if you live in a larger town you could go to another parish and perhaps ask a priest to be your confessor.

Remember the words of the Our Father (forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others..) there are many opportunities to celebrate God’s forgiveness, the Confiteor and the other words of the penitential rite. Actually think about these words and don’t say them mechanically.

Meditate on the death of Christ on the cross
It is him who delivers us from sin , Jesus, your son.


In days gone by sick people were very visible in LOurdes. In our day thank to medical advance this is less so. However suffering is still part of the human condition when we come face to face with our own limitation.

Everyone is affected by Lourdes, the relationship we see between the sick and their helpers. The helpers themselves will tell you that they receive much more than they give

The person’s illness does not take away their taste for living but it makes us realize that all things are passing, it helps us to take stock of that which we have and to look at all aspect of our lives.

Thought for the day
In the group that I was with the people who helped the sick did not miss anything. Who needed the attention? Was it me who was afraid? They devoted their time freely, without charge!

How do you think the sick person or the person with disability deal with the temptation of their faith? Did God abandon me? (HOPE) I am near death (LOVE) I could just turn in on myself

Mediate on the Visitation
” and it is he heals the sick, Jesus your son

Maria @ Monaco


The cachot is the second stage of the Jubilee Way. In this squalid damp hovel lived Bernadette, her parents and three siblings. On seeing this we cannot but be moved,. It is an wonderful example of GOD choosing the poor and the humble.

We have to be careful not to consider the story of Bernadette as nothing more than a fairytale; the little poor girl, sick and illiterate who for the last 150 years half a billion people have come here as pilgrims.

Thought for the day
If you had lived in Lourdes in 1858 what would you hae thought about the Soubirous? Would have paid any attention to them or would they have been invisible to you? Which side would you have been on, would you have helped in the spreading of the rumors about them?Or perhaps you would have helped them?

Obviously we are not in 1858. But who are the Soubirous in your midst today

Meditate on the whipping of Jesus
” and it was him who was whipped, Jesus your Son”


The woman imparted a task to Bernadette; go and say to the priests that the people are to come here in procession and build a chapel. The notion of procession is a reminder that we are a pilgrim Church journeying toward the Kingdom. The chapel is a place of assembly , principally for the celebration of Mass.

During your time in Lourdes, you will have taken part in the processions, symbolizing the pilgrim Church and as you gathered for Mass perhaps for either the Sunday or Wednesday International Mass, a community at prayer.

But back at home in my parish, it is not easy. I do not always feel I belong. The parish of Lourdes in 1858 was certainly not perfect. But it was the parish were Bernadette was baptized. It was her faith community and it was in this parish that the Blessed Virgin appeared to Bernadette to bring her massage to the world.

Thought for the day
What do you ask of the church and what can you do to help further the mission of the church

Meditate on the Pentecost:
” and it was him who lived in the Church, Jesus your SON..”


Bernadette had to overcome much on her journey, opposition, skepticism, fear and hostility. This came from many fronts, her parents, the police and other civil authorities, the sisters of the school she attended, the clergy; all opposed her at one stage or another for a variety of reasons. Bernadette weathered it all

What do you think of the words of Peter and John when they where before the Sanhedrin for the first time? “We cannot remind silent of that which we have seen”

Or perhaps like Bernadette the statement is more accurate: I am not responsible for what you believe but only for that that I give witness to

Thought for the day
What I am like when I am called to give witness? Can I have the same traquil courage that Bernadette demonstrated?

Meditate on Jesus before Pilate”
“and it was him who stood before Pilate, Jesus your SON… ”


Since pilgrimages started coming here, Lourdes has always had an incredible mix of people from all walks of life and different countries and cultures, the young and the old, the town dweller and the rural. It is also a place where the well and the sick person mingle freely among each other

In Lourdes, much is said without words, the smiles, the simple gestures of one helping another, the obvious consideration of others. At the evening tourchlight procession the faces illuminated by the candles show people who are in somewhere in another place walking along side the neighbour realizing that we are all the same.

Based on pamphlet of A novena to Our Lady of continued blessings.

You remembered all things
and pondered them in your heart
Help me to do the same

It is you who lived in obscurity in Nazareth
Show me the way to love everyday

It is you who spent company with Jesus
Help me to make more real the experiences of my pilgrimage

I also offer to you in prayer those I met in Lourdes
especially the sick and those with disability

You asked for a chapel to be built
I pray for the community of which I member of

Continue to look on me
You who is the Immaculate Conception
Mother of Mercy. Amen


Lourdes, now and forever will be

Basilica of Lourdes

There is a custom that is applied to all pilgrim who come to Lourdes, as Bernadette used to act after the Virgin Mary asked her to do so.

These comes from the slip that I had from the Lourdes bath


YOU come to the bath at LOURDES to bathe in the water of the Spring that lay under the earth on the left hand side of the ROCK as you face the Grotto, the Spring Mary made known to Bernadette

Before going in the bath of Lourdes

It was on the 25th of February 1858, during the 9th Apparition, that Bernadette heard the Lady say: ” Would you mind going down on your knees…kissing the ground…eating the grass that is there… FOR SINNERS? – GO DRINK AT THE SPRING AND WASH YOURSELF THERE”

Bernadette carried out these actions but with difficulties. For the ground was dirty, the grass bitter and the water repugnant. The onlookers who, up to that day, had been enthusiastic, were now shocked, scandalized and disgusted. Bernadette was slapped, insulted and led before the Public Prosecutor…

First spring dug by Bernadette

On this dramatic day, which reminds us of Good Friday, Bernadette calmly explained that she had done all these things FOR SINNERS

And from that day onwards, a prayer full of serious concern and compassion characterized her life. She had discovered this world of “the poor sinner, our brother, whom the Blessed Virgin had pointed to saying” PENANCE, PRAY FOR THE CONVERSION OF SINNERS”

Mary had been so sad that day that Bernadette wept.

The Gospel of the Mass on that particular day carried the story of Jesus crucified, pierced by the soldier’s lance and from whom flowed “BLOOD and WATER”

Hence, it is here in this perspective that we are given the deeper meaning of the symbolism of the LOURDES WATER
a. Water as a sign of the LOVE of Christ who gives his life “for sinners”
b. Water as a sign of Baptism that has given us life as the children of GOD
c. Water as a sign of Sacrament of Penance, in which GOD offers us forgiveness, purification, Reconciliation

It is because of our need to be reborn, forgiven, purified, reconciled.. that we come to this WATER. We come in memory of what Jesus said

The water, that I shall give you will become a spring welling up to external life.

In there words, Jesus pointed to the Spirit that those who believed in Him would receive (Gospel of John , chapter 4 and 7)
Let us reflect on this in prayer

In calmness, with faith, humility, charity and trust. Then we will grasp the deeper meaning of the water and will have no need to attribute other powers to it.
God gives HIS grace freely, out of love. Do not think that performing a great number of religious acts gives us rights over GOD. He freely offers us peace of heart, and if He judges it to be good for us, the easing of our sufferings.

The sick and MALTA (the voluntaries) gather in Lourdes

Let us think of others, the seriously ill. If we find the waiting too long then let us washed her face (the mirror of the soul) and drank
The deep meaning of the water of Lourdes is inscribed above the place where the taps are located
“Wash your face and ask GOD to purify your heart”


GOD our father
It is through Mary, the most pure Virgin
that your SON has come to us
the source of LIving Water

Help us to answer HIS call
in coming to purify ourselves
at the Source of grace pouring from his heart
and of which this water is a sign and reminder
so that there may live in us the new creature
that we became in Baptism

The act of drinking and washing with the water of the Grotto, should be accompanied by the Way of Cross, Confession and Communion

At the Lourdes, usually we did several things such as celebrating the candle procession. In these procession, we usually feel a very tight relations one to another, we sang AVE MARIA and pray HAIL MARY in all languages, even in Indonesian.

Procession of LIGHT

People walk around the garden from the side of the basilica… and go back to the Basilica of Rosary , reciting rosary and Ave Maria. The atmosphere is full of pray and joy.

on the earlier , you can attend the Adoration At Saint Paul.

The prosession of Adoration

Adoration procession

..To do the way of cross , we could feel how big HIS love to us…

One of the cross story the Eucharist sacrament …

Eucharist sacrament at the Grotto

Lourdes and Bernadette, the story behind it

Pemandangan kota lordes dengan sungai Massabielle

Lourdes, France is actually a small city far away from Paris, but laid there a great castle to defend the valley with a great history within. In this city lived a young girl named Bernadette that was being visited by The Virgin Mary. an fourteen years old girl, daughter of Francois Soubirous and Louis Casterot who were not attending any school or catechism. She also live with asthma and TBC that made her left the world in a young age.

Born on Jan 7, 1844 at Lourdes; sent away to be fostered to Batres because her mother cannot feed her, in November 1844, then returned back to Lourdes on April 1846.

In 1855, Bernadette had a cholera, however by the simple medication she had, it cured but begin to face asthma after that. After her grandmother died on October 22, 1855, her family inherited some money, but.. it wasn’t make her family’s business going up, but the family situation became worst after the failure of her father business in a mill… so that all the family return to Lourdes and lived at the cachot (which was a prison, only one humid and unhealthy room)

The home of Bernadette

on September 1857, Bernadette was called back to Bartres, but living there also was a hard time for her, because of the hard work, solitude, humiliation. A good preparation for the apparition. in 1858, she returned to Lourdes, compare to the Bartres, she enjoyed being with her family although she has to fave the small room and poverty.

TUESDAY, Feb 11, 1858 : First Apparition at Massabielle Grotto
First, Bernadette, her sister Toinette and friend Jeanne Abadie was collecting sticks for firewoods and bones to sell. The water in front of the grotto was too cold to across, but those girl refused Bernadette wish to help her for crossing the water without taking off her shoes. When she tried to open the shoes, she heard the sound. She looked up the grotto and saw a lady dressed in white. She wore a white dress, blue sash and a yellow rose on each of her feet.The link of rosary were also yellow.

The vision made a sign of the cross, but her hand was trembling to do so. She finally recite a rosary, The apparation let her rosary beads slip through her fingers without moving her lips, and when the beads was finished, the vision suddenly disappeared . Bernadette told those girls when they came back from gathering the woods.

SATURDAY, Feb 13, 1858 :
Bernadette come to the Father Pomian, by her mother and hospice nun’s advise to tell him about what was happen in Massabielle. She said ” I saw something white that seemed to be a lady- I had heard nothing of the happening and attributed very little importance to it. When he said to the parish priest, he said we must wait

SUNDAY, FEB, 14, 1858 : The second Apparition
The second time was following sunday. She was forbidden at first because her mother was afraid that she might fell off the river, but finally she was allowed to go
The apparition happends between midday and 2o’clock. Bernadette sprinkles the lady with the holy water. telling her to remain if she came from GOD. The lady smiles.

Bernaddette was on extacy with her wide eyes gaze fixed the grotto, Antoine Nicolau lifted her to his mill until she was conscious.

THURSDAY, FEB 18, 1858 : The third Apparition
Bernadette came to the grotto, accompanied by some reliable persons. They asked to let the Lady write the purpose of her apparitions. And Bernadette put the ink, paper and pen to ask her to write down her name and what is it that you wish from me. The lady rejected to write. She said ” Would you please return here for the next fifteen days? I cannot promise you happiness in this world, but in the next

Massabielle river beside the Grotto

The conversation was distinguished by two things : first : The apparition spoke to Bernadette in Dialect of Lourdes. Secondly, the apparition addresses her as “THOU” and uses the expression “please”. A differential gesture to which Bernadette is unaccustomed. That impressed her ” I was really amazed. Noone has ever address me as thou nor requested something, please”

FRIDAY, FEB 19, 1858: 4rth Apparition
Bernadette was accompanied by 10 people at the grotto. It was in the early hour of the morning. The apparition was brief, silent without messages. Everything happen in a state of ecstasy, meditation, prayer. And she carries a blessed candle to ward off evil. Bernadette leave it burning as a sign of homage and gratitude.

Leaving lighted candle in front of the Grotto is a custom that was inspired by this gesture; Nowadays, Bernadette’s candle is symbolized by the great cone shaped candelabra that burns continuously in front of the grotto, representing the the candles brought by pilgrims in offering.

FEBRUARY 20, 1858 : The 5th Apparition
Bernadette was accompanied by 30 other people , around six in the morning. Its silent-meditative apparition, but all of them returned home with feeling of touched and amazed by the extraordinary atmosphere of peace they all absorbed at the grotto.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARy 21, 1958: The 6th Apparition
It was early hour, Bernadette was there with about a hundred people. Police force also there to check. The apparition follows the same pattern of recitation of the rosary, ecstasy and silent mediation.
FEB 21 and 24, 1958 Bernadette is being questioned by Chief Police Jacomet and Imperial Prosecutor Vital Dutour. She said ” I no longer seem to belong to this world. When she disappeared, I’m astonished to find myself still here” And Bernadette was not allowed to go to the grotto again


Bernadette obeys the instruction and was not go to the grotto as her father promised the police so that he will not go to the prison again. At the afternoon, she cannot help to go to the grotto. The apparition fails to keep the appointment, when returning home, she will sadly comment “ I don’t know what it was that I did to cause the Lady not to appear.

FEB 23,1858 : 7th Apparition
Rebelling the bans, Bernadette went to the Grotto. The apparition took place early in the morning, and the esctacy last until 1 hour. There are more than a hundred person went there. The important man came to this apparition, sent by the parish priest Peyramale to check on what might happen in the grotto. Attorney Dufo, future mayor of Lourdes and Dr Dozous, medical doctor and atheist scientist. The doctor was there to check on Bernadette in the name of science and medicine. When returning home, he was badly shaken as far as his disbelief is concerned, becomes a convert and be a key witnesses to the happening of Massabielle.

Bernadette said that she got 3 secrets that concern her alone, and cannot be said to anyone and taken these to her tomb.

WEDNESDAY, FEB 24, 1858 : 8th Apparition
The lady said on the second time, asking for prayers and penitence. 200-300 people are present.

The lady said PENITENCE, Pray for the sinners, she asked Bernadette to approach the lower part of the grotto on her knees, kissed the earth as a sign of penitence for sinners and to ear the grass growing below the grotto. After that Bernadette always repeat the same act of penitence.

FEB 25, 1858 : 9th Apparition
About 300 people attend to the grotto; the apparition took place around 5 in the morning.
The lady said, “Go to the spring, drink and wash yourself. Since Bernadette could not see the spring, she went to the river, but the lady called back and pointed a spot below the grotto to the left. She started to dig until the water flows, and drank it three times. Since the water was too muddy, she throws it away. The fourth time, Bernadette successfully drink and wash herself. She also told to eat the grass that grows near the spring. Then the apparition disappeared and she left. The attendants there were disappointed for long at the Bernadette face full of mud, they feel tricked.

These messages concerned about purification and spiritual uplifting. She was scolded by her aunt, but she said, “Let them think and say whatever they wished. I did all those things on the Lady’s request, as a sign of penitence and for sinners”. At the evening, she had to face the interrogations for two hours and convinced that she was not lying by her consistence answers.

The miniatur of Bernadette and Grotto @ Nevers

SATURDAY, FEB 27th, 1858: the 10th Apparition
On Friday, there were no apparition, she was there bitterly said that she must have done something that makes the lady upset. However, early in the morning, she returned to the grotto with 800 people gathered there. The apparition taking place in silent and Antonie Clarens was present from a far to see the following happen.

FEB 28, 1858: the 11th Apparition
It occurs around 7 in the morning in presence of 1,150 person. The commander said about the apparition, that the apparition attracting a large number of people. however, since she said that March 4th will be a special appointment, it would encouraging a great crowd to gather. And, this day was also the third times, she was interrogated.

MARCH 1st, 1858 : 12th Apparition
Took place at 7 in the morning. more than 1450 people gathered on the grotto. The Bishop was announce a religious order to go to the grotto., but monsignor Laurence was causing sensation. In this apparition, Catherine Latapie from Lubajac whom received the first healing from the spring.

MARCH 2nd, 1858: 13th Apparition
The lady said ” Please go to the priests and tell them to have a chapel built here”. But when Bernadette said that, the priest asked Bernadette to ask the lady’s name. And Bernadette was forgotten to ask the procession. At the evening she was back to ask what the lady asked her. Although the priest gave her a condition, she was released because she has already spoke what the lady wants.

MARCH 3rd, 1858 : 14th Apparition
The grotto of Massabielle was attended by about 4000 of people, but the lady was not appeared. The mass became very disappointing. It was the third times, the lady was misses the appointment. In the afternoon, she returned to the grotto, taking out her rosary, aware of the apparition and returned home happily. Bernadette returned to priest for the third time, and he welcomed her more calmly. The police was investigate the grotto to be aware for the March 4th.

MARCH 4th, 1858 : 15th Apparition
The report said, about 10,000 people was waiting, peaceful and absorbed. At the second decade of Rosary, she looks in ecstasy. She repeated the question about the apparition’s identity. Again a smile without answering, and it lasted about 50 minutes. The crowd was disappoint since there is nothing miraculously happen. Bernadette again returned to the parish to repeat the wish of the lady, however Peyramale insist on knowing the lady’s ID.

March 5-24 : during the interval she has to face all the attacks from the press, interrogation from the police.

Maria @ Lourdes

March 25, 1858 : 16 Apparition
It was 5 in the morning, that Bernadette urged to come to the grotto. Finally, Bernadette begged the Lady. ” Lady would you be so kind as to tell me who you are? . But as before, the lady smiled with no reply, and for the third time Bernadette asked the same question, the lady joins her hands, folded them over her heart and gazed the sky. Finally opening them outwards, as on the miraculous medal, and bending towards me, she said ” I am the Immaculate Conception”.

She in rush came to the parish and said ” Reverend Father, the lady told me : I am the immaculate conception” The priest was so shocked , but Bernadette said that she remembered it without knowing the meaning of it. Bernadette was quite dissapointed since the priest didn’t want to let her know what is the meaning. As a matter of fact, he was quite shock.

APRIL 7, 1858; 17th Apparition
The apparition took place around 5 in the morning, with no conversation. The miracle of the candle” happened during this apparition. it was happened when Bernadette prayed rosary in her left hand and on the left hand she held a large burning blessed candle. She burned the fingers,although the fire was quite strong, it was not effect her skin. After the apparition, the Doctor came to check her hands. there are no sign of a burn.

June 3, 1858 : Bernadette first communion
June 10, 1858 : The Grotto was banned by Mayor of Lourdes

July 16th, 1858: 18th apparition
This apparition was never mentioned. It might be that Bernadette feel that this apparition was exclusively personal. During the afternoon, she got the irresistible urge, but she was confuse since it was forbidden. Bernadette and her aunt go from other direction.

It was sunset, then when recite Hail Mary, Bernadette joined hands fall with a rapid movement for ecstasy.The lady said nothing, but she saw her clearly, and she never have been seen the lady as beautiful. And it was the last time she saw her.

July 28, 1858 : Monsignor Laurence, Bishop of Lourdes began the investigation
Okt 5, 1858 : The ban was raised by the Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III
Jan 18, 1962 : Monsignor Laurence recognize that the apparition is truthful and supra-natural nature
Apr 4, 1864 : Blessing of the Immaculate Conception statue at the Grotto.
May 19, 1866: The Crypts inauguration, the crypts is the temporary response on the wish of the virgin. ” I want a sanctuary to be build here” The final is Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

Saint Gildard, Nerves

July 7, 1866: Bernadette enter the Sisters of Charity convent in Nevers, although in Nerves she also repeat the nostalgia ” The grotto was my sky”. She also finds difficulties in adapting with other sister there and facing lots of humiliations.
Oct 30, 1867: Bernadette makes her repeated religious Profession after the first she had was by the telephone, because of her sickness.
August28,1872: First torchlight procession at the grotto of the apparition
July 2, 1876 : Consecration of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
Sept 22, 1878: Bernadette makes her perpetual voes in the convents chapel, and since December she cannot move, she murmured ” Ive been ground like a grain of wheat. I would never have imagined so much suffering (this summary of her life suffering). MY passion will endue till death . I’m happier on my bed of sorrow than a queen on her throne”
April 16, 1879 : Bernadette was attacked many times by her asthma, she moved to wheel chair to facilitate her breathing and died at 3 PM at 35 years old. He whole life message summed up on the paper found in her room ” To obey is to love! Suffering in silence for Christ is joy! Loving sincerely is giving everything. Above all, suffering
Oct 6, 1901 : Inauguration of the Rosary Basilica
Sept 22, 1909 : First identification of Bernadette body for the canonical beatification process. it was found in preservation
Sept 14, 1912: Inauguration of the way of cross around the hill of Lourdes
April 3, 1919 : Second identification
April 18, 1925 : Third identification
June 14, 1925 : Pope Pius XI proclaims the BEATIFICATION of Bernadette
July 18, 1925 : The body of Bernadette laid on a bronze and glass plate casket, placed in Nevers
Dec 8, 1933 : Pope Pius XI proclaims Bernadette SANCTITY
Feb 11,1958 : Consecration and Inauguration of the Basilica of Saint Pius X
March 25, 1988 : Inauguration the Saint Bernadette Center of Worship, the 5th church
1995 : Inauguration of the Adoration chapel next to it

All Basilica of Lourdes

based on the book of LOURDES

Saint Bernadette
Saint Bernadette

Jalan Salib @ Lourdes, permenungan pribadi 2010

Jalan salib biasanya merupakan hal biasa yang kita lakukan, tapi kalau seharusnya diaplikasikan kepada kehidupan, jiwa, dan hati bisa menyatu pada apa yang telah kita lakukan kepada YESUS selain ‘complain’ dan ‘meminta’… apakah kita pernah memberi sesuatu kepadanya

Yesus dijatuhi hukuman mati

PERHENTIAN 1 : Yesus dijatuhi hukuman mati

Sesudah ditangkap, Yesus mula-mula dihadapkan ke sidang Makamah Agama. Pada keesokan harinya Ia dibawa ke pengadilan Pilatus. Pilatus bertanya kepada orang-orang Yahudi “Apakah tuduhanmu terhadap orang ini”, Mereka menjawab dengan mengajukan saksi saksi dusta. Kemudian Pilatus masuk ke dalam Gedung Pengadilan dan memanggil Yesus untuk ditanyai tentang tuduhan mereka.

Tetapi Pilatus tidak menemukan kesalahan apapun, seperti yang dituduhkan mereka pada Yesus. Maka Pilatus berusaha melepaskan Yesus, namun oleh desakan para tua-tua, ahli-ahli Taurat dan seluruh rakyat, Pilatus menjatuhkan hukuman mati: Ia menyerahkan Yesus kepada rakyat Yahudi untuk disalibkan

Salib, bagi orang orang yang akan binasa emang merupakan kebodohan, tetapi bagi kita yang diselamatkan salib adalah kekuatan Allah (1KOr 1:18)

Sebagai manusia, melepaskan diri dari segala kesalahan itu adalah hal yang mudah. Tapi mengakui segala kesalahan, bahkan mengakui kesalahan yang bukan menjadi tanggung jawab kita adalah sesuatu hal yang sangat berat.., apalagi bilamana hukumannya adalah salib…
Apakah kita, sebagai manusia pernah mengajukan saksi2 dusta ini? yang membuat orang lain menderita dengan segala tingkah laku kita?

PERHENTIAN KE-2 : Yesus memanggul Salib

Yesus tidak bersalah, namun dijatuhi hukuman mati. Setelah diolok-olok, diludahim, dimahkotai duri dan disesah, Yesus dibawa keluar dari balai pengadilan untuk disallibkan. Sambil memikul salibNya, Yesus pergi ke tempat yang bernama Tempat Tengkorak dalam bahasa Ibrani: Golgota

Dengan memanggul sendiri SalibNYA, Yesus telah mengajar kita, “setiap orang yang mau mengikut Aku, ia harus menyangkal dirinya, memikul salib nya setiap hari dan mengikut aku (Luk 9:23)

Bilamana kita diberi salib Yesus (kesusahan, penderitaan, kesakitan) akankah kita mampu untuk mengikutinya.. atau bahkan merengek minta diringankan? atau minta dihapuskan? Adakah kita pernah minta kekuatan untuk dapat menjalani salib itu??

PERHENTIAN 3 : Yesus Jatuh untuk pertama kali

Perjalanan Yesus menuju Golgota semakin lama semakin jauh meninggalkan kota. Banyak darah keluar dari luka lukaNYA. Badan elah, penat dan lemah. Beban salib pun terasa semakin berat Apalagi masih diperberat dengan penderitaan batin, ditinggalkan oleh para muridNYA, ditolak oleh bangsaNYA dan dijatuhi hukuman mati kendati tidak bersalah

Sungguh, bukan hanya salib yang dipanggul Yesus melainkan juga dosa dosa kita. Dia tertikam oleh karena pemberontakan kita. Dia diremukkan oleh karena kejahatan kita, hukuman yang mendatangkan keselamatan bagi kita ditimpakan kepadaNYA

Sudahkah kita menyadari bahwa kesalahan kita yang membuatnya terjatuh? Akan kah kita memberikan beban untukNYA lebih dalam lagi? Ataukah kita berbuat baik untuk dapat meringankan salibNYA?? Taukah kita bahwa kitalah yang menambahkan lukaNYA.. luka di badan dan luka di hati yang makin menyobekkan perasaanNYA dengan segala perbuatan kita?

PERHENTIAN KE-4 : Yesus berjumpa dengan IbuNYA

Para murid Yesus telah laru, sehingga Yesus harus menapaki jalan sengsaraNYA seorang diri. Tetapi dalam perjalanan sengsara ini ternyata masih ada Maria, IbuNYA yang setoa menderita bersama DIA. Ibu Yesus ternyata bukan hanya Maria, Yesus sendiri menegaskan “siapapin yang melakukan kehendak BapaKU di surga, dialah saudaraKU, laki laku, dialah saudaraKU perempuan, dialah IBUKU (Mat 12:50)

Akankah kita tetap setia kepada kebenaran? Ataukah setia di jalanNYA dimana banyak halangan dan godaan dalam dunia yang lebih menarik dan menjanjikan ketimbang setia? Akan kah kita setia pada JANJI kita??

PERHENTIAN KE-5: Yesus ditolong Simon dari Kirene

Yesus sangat letih dan lemah, padahal tempat yang dituju masih jauh. Maka para serdadu menahan seorang yang bernama Simon dari Kirene yang baru datang dari luar kota, lalu diletakkan salib Yesus diatas bahunya supaya dipikulnya sambil mengikuti Yesus

Memanggul salib merupakan ukuran kelayakan seorang pengikut Yesus, karena Yesus sendiri bersabda, Barangsiapa tidak memikul salibnya dan mengikut Aku, ia tak layak bagiKU (Mat 10:38) Jadi , bagi orang kristen, salib sungguh tak terelakkan. Salib adalah beban yang harus kita pikul, Namun, kita akan mampu memikul beban berat itu kalau kita saling membantu. Bertolong tolonglah menanggung bebanmu! Maka kamu memenuhi hukum Kristus

Bagi kita, salib terkadang terlalu berat untuk dipikul, cepat mengeluh dan cepat kecewa adalah salah satu dari sifat manusia. Tapi, pernahkan kita melihat kepada Yesus yang tak pernah mengeluh , padahal Ia adalah seorang raja yang diutus sebagai Anak Manusia. Apakah kita bisa bersikap sepertiNYA pada saat kita mempunyai jabatan yang tinggi? Mampu memikul beban orang lain juga??

PERISTIWA KE-6 : Wajah Yesus diusap oleh Veronika

Wajah Yesus kotor dengan darah, keringat dan debu. Semarak dan ketampanan wajahNYA terasa sirna. Tepatlah gambaran Yesaya, Banyak orang akan tertegun memandangNYA, begitu buruk rupanya, tidak seperti manusia lagi, dan tampaknya tidak seperti anak manusia lagi. Ia tidak tampan dan semaraknya pun tidak ada, sehingga kita tidak tertarik untuk memandang DIA, dan rupa pun tidak sehingga kita tidak menginginkannya. Ia dihina dan dihindari orang, seseorang yang penuh kesengsaraan dan yang biasa menderita kesakitan, Ia sangat dihina sehingga orang menutup mukanya terhadap DIA

Kendati begitu, masih ada orang yang bersimpati pada Yesus yakni Veronika. Ia maju mendekati Yesus lalu mengusap wajahNYA. Dengan tindakannya yang sederhana Veronika telah menolong orang yang menderita, menghibur orang yang berduka. Ia memberi contoh kepada kita mengamalkan amanat salah seorang rasul Yesus “Bersukacitalah dengan orang yang bersukacita dan menangislah dengan orang yang menangis

Menangis dengan orang yang menangis, hal itu sangat sulit, karna seperti yang saya rasakan sendiri, di kala kita sedih, sedikit orang yang ada dsamping kita, tidak sebanyak disaat kita bahagia. Hal ini menjadi perenungan tersendiri, apakah kita mampu untuk mengubah diri untuk turut berpartisipasi dan menghibur orang yang menderita di sekeliling kita, ataukah kita malah yang membuat orang lain menderita dengan apa yang kita lakukan???

PERHENTIAN KE-7: Yesus jatuh untuk kedua kalinya

Kendati sudah ditolong oleh Simon dari Kirene dan wajahNYA sudah dibersihkan, tubuh Yesus tidak bertambah segar. Salib yang menindih di pundakNYA terasa semakin berat. Perjalanan masih jauh, Yesus semakin payah

Untuk kedia kalinya Yesus jatuh. Meskipun begitu, dengan tabah dan teguh hati Ia bangun. DiangkatNYA kembali salib berat itu, Ia meneruskan perjalanan tanpa mengeluh

Apa yang dinubuatkan Yesaya kini menjadi kenyataan”Dia dianiaya, dia membiarkan diri ditindas dan tidak membuka mulutnya seperti anak domba yang dibawa ke tempat pembantaian, seperti induk domba yang kelu di depan orang orang yang menggunting bulunya ia tidak membuka mulutnya (Yes 53:7)

Bilamana kita jatuh, akankah kita bangkit sepertiNYA, padahal beban kita tidak lebih besar dengan bebanNYA dan masa depan kita tidak kita ketahui? Beranikah kita menjalaninya dengan hati bersyukur dan meminta kekuatan padaNYA, bukan untuk mengangkatNYA?

PERHENTIAN KE 8 : Yesus menghibur Perempuan perempuan yang menangisiNYA

Tatkala Yesus menapaki jalan salibNYA menuju Golgota, banyak orang mengikuti DIA, diantaranya banyak wanita yang menangisi dan meratapi DIA. Yesus berpaling kepada mereka dan berkata ” Hai putri putri Yerusalem, janganlah kamu menangisi aku, melainkan tangisilah dirimu sendiri dan anak anakmu (Luk 23:28)

Kita sering tidak punya waktu dan hati untuk orang lain, Kita sibuk dengan diri kita sendiri saja. Apalagi kita gampang merasa bahwa penderitaan kitalah yang paling berat. dan orang lain lah penyebab penderitaan kita. Kita sendiri susah, mana mungkin harus menghibur orang lain. Begini kita sering membela diri

Yesus memberi teladan supaya kita menghibur orang lain, meskipun kita sendiri sedang menderita. Tetapi lebih dari itu, kita perlu menangisi diri kita sendiri, kita perlu bertobat, dan mengajak orang lain untuk bertobat.

PERHENTIAN KE_9 : Yesus jatuh untuk ketiga kalinya

Hari semakin panas, jalan menuju puncak Golgota semakin menanjak. Tubuh Yesus yang semakin lemah tidak mampu menahan beban salib yang berat. Untuk ketiga kalinya Yesus Jatuh.TubuhNYA terbanting di tanah yang berbatu-batu. Darah kembali mengucur dari luka lukanya. Dengan sisa tenagaNYA, Yesus berusaha bangun. Yesus mau menyelesaikan perjalanan sampai ke puncak Golgota, cintaNYA pada manusia dan ketaatanNYA kepada BAPA lah yang memberikan kekuatan begitu besar kepada Yesus.

Beban Yesus semakin berat kalau kita sering jatuh ke dalam dosa. Atau kalau kita menjatuhkan orang lain. Dengan jatuh dan bangun lagi, Yesus mengajar kita untuk tidak putus asa. Kalau kita jatuh ke dalam dosa, kita bangun lagi

Kadang saat merenungkan, kasih BAPA kepada Yesus dengan memberikan kekuatan untuk penebusan dosa, dengan memberikan anaknya kepada kita, .. kita juga seharusnya mendapat hal yang sama dengan menerima berkatnya dan kekuatan darinya. Akankah kita mempergunakannya untuk hal yang baik? ataukah kita pergunakan itu untuk berbuat dosa lagi??

PERHENTIAN KE-10: Pakaian Yesus Ditanggalkan

Sesampai di puncak Golgota, para prajurit menanggalkan pakaian Yesus dengan paksa. Mereka mengambil pakaian Yesus lalu membaginya menjadi 4 bagian, untuk tiap pprajurit 1 bagian. demikian juga jubahNYA mereka ambil. Jubah itu tidak berjahit, dari atas sampai ke bawah hanya satu tenunan. Karena itu mereka berkata seorang kepada yang lain ” Janganlah kita membaginya menjadi beberapa potong, tetapi baiklah kita membuang undi untuk menentukan siapa yang mendapatkannya.

Maka genaplah yang ada tertulis dalam Kitab Suci, “mereka membagi baikan pakaianKU diantara mereka dan mereka membuang undi atas jubahKU (Yoh 19:23- 24)
Yesus telah menjadi manusia yang paling hina. Bagaimanakah kita terhadapNYA?Sudahkah seperti yang dikatakan Yesus pada hari penghakiman? Ketika Aku telanjang, kamu memberi AKU pakaian, ketika AKU sakit kamu melawat AKU, ketika AKU didalam penjara, kamu mengunjungiKU. Sebab sesungguhnya segala sesuatu yang kamu lakukan yuntuk salah seorang yang paling hina ini, kamu melakukannya untuk AKU (Mat 25:36)

Ditelanjangi adalah sesuatu yang paling hina, dipermalukan dan dihina lebih dari binatang.. Bilamana itu adalah kita, apakah kita berani tetap menolong mereka setelah itu, ataukah membalas dendam setelah berpangkat. Lihatlah Yesus dan Yusuf yang pernah dihina.. dan mereka membalasnya dengan kebaikan.. Akankah itu terjadi pada kita nantinya? Menjadi pemenang dengan membalas nya dengan kebaikan?

PERHENTIAN KE-11 : Yesus disalibkan

Sampailah mereka ditempat yang bernama Golgota, yang berarti Tempat Tengkorak. Para serdadu memberikan anggur bercampur mur kepada Yesus, tetapi Yesus menolaknya. Kemudian mereka menyalibkan dia (mrk15:22-24). Manusia lama kita telah turut disalibkan bersama Yesus supaya tubuh dosa kita hilang kuasanya agar jangan kita menghambakan diri lagi kepada dosa (rm 6:6)

Permenungan kali ini, tersirat apa yang pernah kulihat di THE PASSION, dimana Yesus terlihat lelah, dengan tangan terentang, para serdadu memakukan tangannya tanpa perasaan. Bahkan menarik tulang bahunya hingga patah disaat lobang tidak sesuai.. Hal itu membuat miris orang yang melihatnya, bahkan menetes air mata membayangkan dosaku yang membuatnya begitu. Belum lagi dimana salib yang sudah siap dibalikkan (dengan tangan yang telah terpaku, sehingga badan menanggung sakit dan tangan kaki yang terpaku menanggung beban semua badan… ).. apakah kita teringat hal itu bilamana kita mau berbuat dosa??? Ataukah hanya penyesalan semata yang berbalik dosa lagi setiap tahunnya????

PERHENTIAN KE- 12 : Yesus Mati di Salib

Ketika itu hari sudah kira kira pukul 12 , lalu kegelapan meliputi seluruh daerah itu sampai pukul 3. sebab matahari tidak bersinar. Dan tabir Bait Suci terbelah dua. Lalu Yesus berseru dengan suara nyaring ” Ya Bapa , ke dalam tanganMU KUserahkan nyawaKU. Dan sesudah berkata demikian Yesus menyerahkan nyawaNYA

Kepala pasukan dan prajurit prajurit yang menjaga Yesus menjadi sangat takut menyaksikan wafat Yesus secara demikian. Mereka berkata “Sungguh orang ini adalah Anak Allah: (mat 27: 54)
Jika kita telah mati bersama KRistus, kita percaya bahwa kita akan hidup juga bersama dia. Maka hendaklah kita semua sadar. KIta telah mati bagi dosa tetapi hidup bagi Allah dalam Kristus Yesus (Rm 6: 8-11)

Melihat kematian Yesus dan salib yang tergantung diatas bukit, janganlah membuat kita hanya menyesal sesaat, tetapi pakailah salib itu untuk tetap mengingatkan kita disetiap perbuatan yang akan kita lakukan. Adakah itu akan membuatNYA makin menderita, ataukah itu meringankan bebanNYA. Tidak kah kita mau membantu meringankan bebanNYA dengan tidak berbuat dosa lagi?

PERHENTIAN KE-13: Yesus diturunkan dari Salib

Di dekat salib Yesus, berdirilah Maria, IbuNYA, saudara ibuNYA maria istri Kleopas, dan Maria Magdalena. Salah seorang prajurit menikam lambung Yesus, dan segera keluarlah darah serta air (yoh 19:25-43). Hari mulai malam, maka Yusuf dari Arimatea yang telah menjadi murid Yesus memberanikan diri menghadap PIlatus untuk meminta jenazah Yesus. Pilatus heran waktu mendengar bahwa Yesus sudah mati.

Maka ia memanggil kepala pasukan dan bertanya kepadanya apakah Yesus sudah mati. Setelah mendengar keterangan kepala pasukan, ua berkenan memberikan jenazah Yesus kepada Yusuf. Kemudian Yusuf menurunkan jenazah Yesus (Mrk 18:42-46)
Maria menerima jenazah Yesus di pangkuannya Maria melaksanakan apa yang pernah dikatakannya, “Aku ini hamba Tuhan, jadilah padaku menurut perkataanMU. Maria memang pantas menjadi teladan bagi setiap orang beriman. Ketika Yesus menderita, ia tetap setia berada di sampingnya

Melihat ketulusan Maria, merenung bagaimana seorang ibu mampu untuk melihat penderitaan anaknya bahkan juga ikut dipermalukan… tetapi tetap setia di sampngnya, membuatku merenung… akankah aku tetap setia kepada seseorang bilamana dia direndahkan, ataukah aku seperti murid yesus yang menghilang pada saat dibutuhkan secara moral?? Bagaimana merasakan pada saat hancur lebur, harus tetap bertahan sampai akhir??

PERHENTIAN KE 14 : Yesus dimakamkan
Para murid mengambil jenazah Yesus, mengafaninya dengan kain lenan, dan memburatinya dengan rempah-rempah menurut orang Yahuidu bila menguburkan mayat. dekat tempat Yesus disalibkan ada suatu kubur baru yang di dalamnya belum pernah dimakamkan seseorang. Maka mereka membaringkan mayat Yesus disitu (yoh 19: 40 – 42) “Kita semua yang telah dibaptis dalam Kristus telah dibaptis dalam kematianNYA. Oleh pembaptisan kita telah dikuburkan bersama sama dengan Dia, supaya sama seperti Kristus dibangkitkan dari antara orang mati.

Bagi seseorang, setelah ditinggal mati, hanya kenangan dan kesedihan yang ada karena kita tidak bisa melihat lagi. Tapi bagi kristiani, kematian Yesus terjadi untuk menghapus dosa kita dan membuat kita benar2 ikut mati karena dosa.. Siapkah kita untuk benar benar mati karena dosa? Ataupun setiap jalan salib, kita hanya mati suri dan bangkit lagi berlimang dosa??

Kubur kosong Yesus

PERHENTIAN KE-15 : Yesus Bangkit

PRIBADI : Kebangkitan Yesus sering dirayakan oleh orang-orang tanpa mengenal lebih dalam maknanya. Bagiku, kebangkitannya adalah bangkit dari lumuran dosa dan kembali mengikuti jalannya. Sudah siapkah kita untuk benar benar bangkit dari dosa dan mengikutiNYA?

Jalan Salib bila direnungkan, bisa membuat kita terpana,..betapa keras yang telah dijalani oleh Yesus mulai dari kelahiran hingga kematiannya. Akankah kita dapat mengikutiNYA dan memanggul salib kita masing masing. ITULAH PERTANYAANNYA