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I lobe the ambience of KEDIRI

somehow, for a catholic like me, if i state aboit Kediri, people will say that i am going for pilgrimate in Poh Sarang… well thata correct, since I love to pray in that groto, it reminded me to Lourdes, France

Poh Sarang nowadays is not only the place for catholics only, I saw lots of people, from other religious believer for taking pictures only. Poh Sarang has very unique architecture as well as the landscape and ambience. That place will make you stay longer just to enjoy the breeze of the air and the sound of bamboo bumping each other

Poh Sarang church with the unique architecture
The Groto of Maria

however,… Kediri ia not only this…. for a day travel from Surabaya, I tried to enjoy Kediri and with Waze apps, try to drive up to Gunung Willis, about 7 kilos to find one cafe shown in the IG , named WOW cafe.. I found it evwnthough my small car almost cannot climb to it, but you know… the beauty of having small car… i went to the small road which actually only for the villager, and found this

The scenery of Kediri.. otw to Willis mountain

Finally at around 11, we found the WOW cafe, well.. it was not as I expected, they just provided simple food. Since we are starving to death, I took the nasi goreng and bakso for my spouse. But, above all….. I love to take a very deep breath to fill my lung with fresh air that i cannot find in the city.

Look at the view below, its the view I saw fron WOW cafe. they have 3 stories down, and some of “spot” for those who likes to sit in the wood floor .. called “lesehan” in Indo

Then, because the driver who is my husband was not feel well, we have to stop the voyage and head back to Surabaya, but still the view is extraordinary

Kediri is surrounded by many mountains, therefore, you can find some mountains to hike and find the view that would be more amazing that what i share with you.

Dont forget to visit the waterfall…. and mountain top


Yogyakarta – Ancient, Culture

Well, for me .. talking about Indonesia will not end for a year, since the country, the culture ,,…. all is so beautiful.

Now, im talking about Yogyakarta, well even expatriates already know the beauty of Borobudur… but for my myself, Borobudur has lots of unrevealed secret yet  being discovered. Those Why-s are still ringing in my ear,  such as why that statue is different from other, why the ancient knows how to make the  gutter around the temple, etc.

While thinking, i tried to capture those moments …. and you might agree with me, to see how beautiful the Borobudur is

im so lucky when  i met the Fashion Parade in the Malioboro street, to see lots of culture and new fashion idea mixed….



Still remember as well inside my head, the local Javanese who even they are old, but with the smile in her face, she work in the  rice field . The sun stroke her small body, but she still working tirelessly. Those men also served for the king, even they are paid low, but they are so loyal, since they believe that the King also taking care of them



Museum Angkut – BATU, Malang

Another entertainment while you are in Batu, Malang … named Museum Angkut. Angkut itself named from Transport, therefore in this museum, you can see many choices of transportation. If you love doing selfie, wifie or whatever you call it now… its the best place for doing so..

Because i dont like autocar, so the first part was bored me . The museum has many parts, such as : Cars showcase, Bicycle, Plane.

The second part throw lots of interesting part for me to take some pictures. Many scene from Old Indonesia as well as the other country such as England, France, Germany, US and many more

Last part is the Floating Market, which adopted from some of Pasar Apung (Floating Market) in banjarmasin – Kalimantan ( i never been there,.. hick)

so… what are you waiting for… go there, and finish your adventures with tons of pictures

O, yah.. you might need to pay for camera fee, and you cannot bring food or drink because they already provide it in their cafe and pasar apung … and this museum angkut is open at 12:00 , so dont forget to bring your hat, because it would be soo hot there


Best view from Batu – Malang

Some of you might not know about if there is Paralayang in East Java. There is…

So if you are a traveler, looking for some excitement like Paralayang, i just found one in Batu, Malang – East Java… near to Surabaya. Well, actually i also find it through another site.

You might go there using the car that can go up the hill, since some of the road might be slippery if you go there by sedan. It took around 15 mins i suppose from  Batu alun alun to go up the hill, but once you climb up a bit,.. you might find a very breathtaking view that hm probably you might never see…

While you are up, you can do Paralayang or see the view inside the Rumah Kayu, a house that is build attached to the hill


Well, i didnt go to the omah kayu since my mom and dad who are the elderly might not climb up and down easily like us (or me), however, i showed you the pics of Paralayang and Omah Kayu site so you can experiences what i saw there.

Light that brings happiness (Batu Night Spectacular)

The night is usually dark, but not in Malang – Indonesia… , the night there always covered with lights and happiness…

curious? you must be…. Its only in Batu NIght Spectacular, what makes your dark night into a bright happiness….

i was there for the company outing… as i remembered… but since i love to capture moments without lots of groups,  i want to share the happiness that i had to you to…

if you are in East Java, dont forget to spend your time in BNS, well… if you were there with your special partners , it should be lots of moments and spot that you can use to capture your special moment… with the breeze cold wind… it should be sooo puuurrfect 😛

well, you should be has no idea, if you are not seeing that by yourself.. but since im so kind 🙂 i will share you my moment there in BNS – Malang …. #ngiler……

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Do you know that ZOO is stress releasing?

One of you is strees now? dont know which way to go? no money to go  somewhere relaxing. I was the same situation as you before… Then, i think.. how about looking at the animal, it would be budgeted vacation and relaxing as well, since lots of animals do stupid things … like human do 🙂 (agree??)

Okay, then one day i decided with my husband to go to Prigen – Taman safari 2 _ Indonesia .  We were thinking. oh ya its just another safari with cars and we looked the animal while we were inside the car… But when i was there, i was amazed with all the animal i rarely see..  and so relaxing to see them act one to each other…

We have relax time that we enjoyed riding car, walk, talk and see the animal, fresh and breeze cold air, and most of all… the new experiences with the animal that we rarely to see…

Let the picture says itself.. okay..

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The Australian Kangaroo
The Australian Kangaroo



Last Day of my Journey to East Java

After having a bad day at the Bella Vista Hotel, hm i suppose i dont recommend anyone to this hotel… i straight to Ketapang Hotel to pick up my Brother and sister and get a breakfast ( hm, it also too expensive breakfast — had to pay 80 rb for 3 bowls of Soto daging.. HAIZ…)… then my journey ends up at BALURAN

It was a rough journey since there is no asphalt road in Baluran. I say monkey, peacock and peacock and monkey and another monkey haha… but got a beautiful scene with the monkey… all are wild, an funny action.. you can say directly in my pics.. Ah, before you enter the Baluran, there is a Japanese Cave near to the gate, It is not big but so historical, you may find that Japanese used to get in the cave to protect themself

One monkey was staring at our car and look suspicious, when i put down the window, he looked like he was claiming his area and doesnt want me to stay closer.. hahaha… so funny. and another monkey pose like a boss…

and on the way to Surabaya, we stopped by at Paiton, the biggest electricity plant in Java, so if it is off, there will be a disaster in Java.

Anyway, enjoy the last pics…

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