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I lobe the ambience of KEDIRI

somehow, for a catholic like me, if i state aboit Kediri, people will say that i am going for pilgrimate in Poh Sarang… well thata correct, since I love to pray in that groto, it reminded me to Lourdes, France

Poh Sarang nowadays is not only the place for catholics only, I saw lots of people, from other religious believer for taking pictures only. Poh Sarang has very unique architecture as well as the landscape and ambience. That place will make you stay longer just to enjoy the breeze of the air and the sound of bamboo bumping each other

Poh Sarang church with the unique architecture
The Groto of Maria

however,… Kediri ia not only this…. for a day travel from Surabaya, I tried to enjoy Kediri and with Waze apps, try to drive up to Gunung Willis, about 7 kilos to find one cafe shown in the IG , named WOW cafe.. I found it evwnthough my small car almost cannot climb to it, but you know… the beauty of having small car… i went to the small road which actually only for the villager, and found this

The scenery of Kediri.. otw to Willis mountain

Finally at around 11, we found the WOW cafe, well.. it was not as I expected, they just provided simple food. Since we are starving to death, I took the nasi goreng and bakso for my spouse. But, above all….. I love to take a very deep breath to fill my lung with fresh air that i cannot find in the city.

Look at the view below, its the view I saw fron WOW cafe. they have 3 stories down, and some of “spot” for those who likes to sit in the wood floor .. called “lesehan” in Indo

Then, because the driver who is my husband was not feel well, we have to stop the voyage and head back to Surabaya, but still the view is extraordinary

Kediri is surrounded by many mountains, therefore, you can find some mountains to hike and find the view that would be more amazing that what i share with you.

Dont forget to visit the waterfall…. and mountain top