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Best view from Batu – Malang

Some of you might not know about if there is Paralayang in East Java. There is…

So if you are a traveler, looking for some excitement like Paralayang, i just found one in Batu, Malang – East Java… near to Surabaya. Well, actually i also find it through another site.

You might go there using the car that can go up the hill, since some of the road might be slippery if you go there by sedan. It took around 15 mins i suppose fromĀ  Batu alun alun to go up the hill, but once you climb up a bit,.. you might find a very breathtaking view that hm probably you might never see…

While you are up, you can do Paralayang or see the view inside the Rumah Kayu, a house that is build attached to the hill


Well, i didnt go to the omah kayu since my mom and dad who are the elderly might not climb up and down easily like us (or me), however, i showed you the pics of Paralayang and Omah Kayu site so you can experiences what i saw there.